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What's the "Public Transit" score where you live?

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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Walkscore recently unveiled a “Transit Score” system that ranks locations based on nearby routes, nearby stops, frequency, and transit modes.

    Broad and High is pretty much the epicenter of public transit in Columbus and it scores a 67/100 “Good” ranking, which sounds fair as it’s pretty obvious that we’re not quite the most public-transit-friendly city in the world.

    Anyway… how does your house score?

    I got a Transit score of 54 (and Walk Score of 75) here in the King Lincoln District. Not too shabby. Interested to see how everyone compares different neighborhoods and areas.

    Josh Lapp
    Josh Lapp

    North 4th Street in Old North Columbus.
    Walk score of 74, Transit score 42.

    The Transit score doesn’t include the CABS stop nearby which provides quick access to High Street and OSU.



    Front & Spring downtown:

    Walkscore 94 “walker’s paradise”
    Transit 67 “good”

    As favorable as that is, nothing has shrunken the ‘hood quite like my bike!



    Grandview by 3rd Ave

    Walkscore 92
    transit 35



    On Hubbard in Vic Village between High and Dennison: walk score, 75 (“very walkable”); transit score, 57 (“good transit”).



    Walk Score: 80
    Transit Score: 53


    Alex Silbajoris

    Walk score 37, transit score 29.

    “84% of Columbus households have a higher walk score than you.”

    At least now I know how far away the lines on Kenny are, .23 miles.


    Cats With Thumbs

    Walk score 80, transit score 40, near Weber and Indianola.

    “8% of Columbus residents have a higher walks score than you.”

    80% walk score is one of the main reasons I chose this location. And indeed, biking easily opens up almost everywhere I’d want to go.



    I’m next to 3 Creeks Park. Not surprisingly, Walk score 9, Transit score 23. I’m in Columbus and inside 270. The first score I understand, almost no sidewalks around here and very few amenities within walking distance, but the transit score is kinda disgraceful.



    E Weisheimer & N High

    Walk Score: 66
    Transit Score: 43



    Walk Score 82
    Transit score 56

    Time to Drive: 6 minutes
    Time to bike: 14 minutes
    Time to walk: 43 minutes
    Time to Bus: 50 minutes

    (any question why I dont take the bus?)


    Nitsud Regnifloh

    Whitehall –
    63 walk score
    43 transit score

    I’ll drive….17 minutes. As compared to stop after stop after stop on the bus, even though there is a bus stop within 50 yards of my house.


    The Hegemo

    Grandview/Marble Cliff off Fifth:

    Walk Score: 71
    Transit Score: 32



    My house (in S. Clintonville):
    * Walk Score of 82. Very walkable.
    * Transit Score of 54. Some transit.

    My work (Polaris E of 71)
    * Walk Score of 71. Haha NOT!
    * Transit Score of 11.



    My place next to Clinton Park in Clintonville:

    Walk Score: 68
    Transit Score: 45

    I think my transit score is artificially high because they count bus stops on Olentangy River Road as giving me the same access to the 7 and 18 as I would have to the 2/21 on High Street (.31 miles away for both). As the name of the road gives away, the Olentangy River is right there creating an impasse. I haven’t forded a river since my Oregon Trail days, but I remember it was difficult.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)

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