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What is going on at Spaghetti Warehouse?

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    El Diablo Einstein

    terrible food and terrible service. wont be going back.



    The only time I eat at SW is when my father in law is in town and I have no choice.
    But, the very last thing I want to know when I am there is “what’s going on” in the kitchen.
    I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if half of what I expected was true…

    Instead, go to Moretti’s on Sawmill.. they have meatball pizza for christsake.


    Mister Shifter

    My first job was bussing tables at Moretti’s on Sawmill, 20 years ago.

    It’s still my favorite Italian in the city. Everything is made from scratch in the kitchen, including the (awesome) pasta, to order, every time. So good.



    Restaurant Review: Spaghetti Warehouse
    September 17, 2014 9:19 am – Miriam Bowers Abbott

    In spite of writing about food in Columbus for umpteen million years, the longstanding Spaghetti Warehouse has never been the subject of any personal focus. This is probably because the Warehouse is part of a chain, and chains are seldom the subject of restaurant reviews — unless there is some novel local angle. But given that the Spaghetti Warehouse has been a culinary hotbed of controversy on the messageboard, that’s local enough to inspire a little tour of the restaurant located just west of Downtown.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/restaurant-review-spaghetti-warehouse-ma1



    I did a secret shopper type deal at Maggiano’s when I lived in Charlotte. I got to sample a lot of their foods and they were all AMAZING. Esp. for a chain restaurant.



    I grew up in Grandview and lunch at SW was a big treat if you earned “Citizen of the Month” status. Might explain my lack of COTM commendations. I haven’t been there in several years but the last few times I’d been there – the odor when you walked in the door was horrible. It smelled just moldy. The salad and breadsticks were fine but my husband ordered spaghetti and the portion was quite small for what we paid.

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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