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    Does anyone know what happened to Cafe Zydeco, in the basement of the Riffe Center? Lights out, doors locked, and a mass email from building management saying they are looking for another operator. I always got the impression they were doing quite well; it was my go-to spot for a quick salad during my workday.



    I dont know what happened but that just broke my heart, I loved the fried fish fridays, damn.



    mozell (the owner) is moving it to the brewery district and it will be called “zydeco on high”. they will be located at 515 South High (the old bw3). not sure when the grand opening is, hoping to find out soon!



    that is the one place dtown I wouldn’t go to. rhodes or Statehouse cafeterias are much better.
    For a quick salad just go to Juice bar or Potbelly. Other close salad bars are Broad St Bagel and Isabellas.
    For Friday fried fish go to Rhodes Tower, Danney’s Deli, Red Snapper Jamaican food truck, or Say Cheez food stand in Pearl alley.



    Just ate at the new location on High Street.

    They’ve seriously overhauled the BW3’s space, it’s still cinder block but looked much nice, and was very purple. Somewhat dim inside, but the hostess saw me with my book and sat me by the big picture window.

    I got nervous when I saw the menu, as it was pretty small, printed on cheap paper, and about half of the menu was taken up by very generic sandwiches (BLT, standard burger, etc).

    I ordered the Choctow, which was a crayfish- and shrimp-cake type sandwich, with LTO. It took a looooong time to come out; I was waiting over half an hour after I ordered. The waitress apologized and said they were backed up, and I got to watch other people’s food come out. Everything going by me looked very good.

    Food eventually came, and I was pleasantly surprised. Presentation was pretty slick for a paper menu place, plate was dusted with cajun-looking spices, sandwich looked good, and the chips were promising, homemade-looking and with a few dabs of what I think they called Mo sauce, which was tangy with a (very) little bit of heat.

    The sandwich was good, the bread was a ciabatta thing, and was decent was well. The shrimp/crayfish cake was excellent, moist but not soggy, and the sandwich was very filling.

    Chips were also good. Homemade, seemingly fresh, although a few were kind of greasy.

    I’ll be going back, hopefully they can get their speed up. That was what bothered me about the BW3’s in the space; they always took forever and it was an hour and a half production to get some chicken fingers.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Zydeco on High dishes up homespun Cajun, Creole fare
    Wednesday, March 30, 2011
    ThisWeek Community Newspapers

    Fans of Cafe Zydeco can still get a big bite of the Big Easy. Mozell Devereaux has relocated her restaurant, now called Zydeco on High, to the former Buffalo Wild Wings location at 515 S. High St. in the Brewery District.

    READ MORE: http://www.thisweeknews.com/live/content/germanvillage/stories/2011/03/30/zydeco-on-high-dishes-up-homespun-cajun-creole-fare.html?sid=104



    Cafe Zydeco / Zydeco on High that used to be BW3’s served me a raw soft shell crab and wanted to debate on it. Lori, , Dannette, in her Tammi personality Pam and Soniqua( Shaunie), Toia was Jen from BBW attitude and me feeling like Royce still debating with owner. All thumbs down for this place. Music great service service sucked. What happened to customer satisfaction? SMH!!!!

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