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What do you pay for child care?

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    Jman4ever said:
    600 a week? Holy crap. That’s 30k per year.

    tell me that’s your monthly.




    TaraK said:
    ricospaz (and others who use private sitters), how did you find him/her?

    Someone from work had a kid there, said how good she was with her kid. We got lucky when there was an opening at the right time. We have no complaints.



    AmyD, my son has been going to the Columbus Parks & Rec day camps since the summer after kindergarten. He loves Great Art Getaway the most and they have a shuttle to/from Whetstone so you don’t have to drive all the way to Smith Farms. They are dirty and exhausted when they get home which is a sign of a good day in my mind. The camps are affordable too – $80/week for residents.



    Thanks guys and Anne, I agree! There were some moms who did that when my oldest (18) was a toddler. You were responsible for ALL of the kids one or two scheduled days and all the moms rotated. I wish I lived closer.



    Anne said:
    @AmyD, we need a working moms collective, one day a week each mom hosts everyone’s kids and then you would have four days of the week to work in total peace. :)

    Anne – you know I down for this cause! Let’s talk.

    To answer the original topic. We pay about $700+ for our daughter and she’s in 3 days a week. But the center is amazing and I love her teachers. It’s given her all the fundamentals for starting kindergarten in the fall.
    And the minute she starts a day school you bet your sweet ass we are getting our son in a program. He currently stays home with me 6 days a week (when a grandparent helps out as they can).

    It’s a HUGE sacrifice and every extra dime goes towards her enrollment but for the socialization and education offered it can’t be beat.
    In order to work at home the alternative is cable and I just cancelled cable!



    Hijacking a bit to shift the conversation to availability from cost…

    I read today in the mayor’s education commission report that there are just 15K spots in licensed childcare in Columbus, compared to 100K kids age 5 or under. If we want to keep families in the city, this needs to be less difficult.

    When we had our 3rd, we decided to shift from a nanny to daycare, but the only facility in our neighborhood that offers all-day care from birth to pre-K had a long waiting list. It took 11 months to get the twins in & another 5 months for our youngest. For a while we had her in a private, unlicensed home daycare while her sisters were at NBCC. They’re all there now but it costs us $2500/month (AKA a full-time salary).

    And just this week, people camped out to get on the waiting list for spots in the latchkey program at Clinton Elementary. There are so few available childcare spots in Clintonville, it’s ridiculous. All three facilities I know of (North Broadway CC, CRC Kids Club and Latchkey) have lengthy waiting lists (30+).

    Apparently this happens every year. Lack of available (and affordable) childcare is a real issue in Columbus. I’m glad the Commission recognizes it and hope they make real progress, but with state funding for education lagging, it’s hard to imagine this becoming a real priority for investment.



    It is definitely difficult. When we were looking, we only found 6 day cares available to us within 3 or 4 miles of downtown – with varying degrees of quality. We ended up with a great one – but it seems like availability is not much of a problem once you get outside of 270.



    BTW it’s heartbreaking to learn of the CSCC daycare closing (upthread). That’s another 80 families who are all scrambling to find another option for their kid by this time next month. More employers should be offering on-site childcare, not fewer.



    joev said:
    It is definitely difficult. When we were looking, we only found 6 day cares available to us within 3 or 4 miles of downtown – with varying degrees of quality. We ended up with a great one – but it seems like availability is not much of a problem once you get outside of 270.

    Would you mind passing along your daycare info? Or PMing it to me?

    Thank you!



    I would like to re-revive this thread!

    I am looking for a day care starting in January 2016 for an infant, where I have the option of 2-4 days/week. The closer to downtown the better.

    A nanny or sitter is an option, so if you have a personal recommendation for anyone, that would be helpful too.



    I might have posted this earlier in the thread: we did City Kids on Marconi, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Liked them lots.




    A lot less now! My lo goes to Children of America and loves it. Now that she’s older the price has gone down and that’s awesome.

Viewing 12 posts - 136 through 147 (of 147 total)

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