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What are your pet peaves?

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    Conspicuous spelling errors. :lol: :wink: :P


    Ndcent wrote

    *cell phones in restaurants, especially at lunch

    I hate this more than anything I can think of.



    People who perfectly embody a stereotype


    hazy stars

    All things cell-phone/ PDA.

    Such as:

    *When people answer cell-phones in the middle of conversations.

    *When people answer cell-phones in restaurants … AT THE TABLE

    *When people drive while talking on on cell-phones (it is illegal in some states and should be here as well).

    *When people answer cell-phones in meetings (or do not turn the ringer off).

    *Children that own cell-phones. I didn’t get mine until college. It is not necessary for 6 year olds to have cell-phones.

    *When people are text-messaging while you are talking to them.

    I’m sure there is more, but I’m gonna stop here.



    Improper usage of the word “your.”



    Andrew Hall’s sig sums up one of my bigger pet peeves way better then I could’ve ever put it:

    Habitual contempt doesn’t reflect a finer sensibility.

    Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson

    Mine are…

    People that won’t try new things

    Spelling and grammar…although I try not to be obnoxious about it

    People that are “too cool” to be friendly to others

    People that leave pets outdoors all the time

    That popping noise my mom makes when she chews gum



    – Nail Biting

    – The refusal of trying something new and/or different (especially with food)

    – Flat beer

    – When I’m out with somebody and they carry on a cell phone conversation that lasts longer than the five w’s

    – Awful grammar

    I’ll come back for others because God knows I have a LIST.


    Andrew Hall

    shroud wrote Andrew Hall’s sig sums up one of my bigger pet peeves way better then I could’ve ever put it:

    Habitual contempt doesn’t reflect a finer sensibility.

    Why, thank you. I stole it from the graphic in the background of one of the interviews in the fantastic, can’t reccie it enough movie, Helvetica. I added it as a .sig to remind myself sometimes.

    Cell phones etc don’t bother me per se, it is that they are just an excuse for rampant ill-manners. My wife is an MD and the cell phone is a lifeline – literally in some cases. That means put it on buzz and, if you have to scream at in incompetent resident, you take outside the restaurant. Or, more casually, a quick buzz when someone is running late and you answer quietly with ‘ok, thanks. see you when you get here.’ Click. If you have the manners thing down, then it doesn’t matter what the occasion or tool is.

    My biggest pet peeve is that people don’t respect other’s people’s passions or expertise. They will run down and shout ripoff about something you are into enough to appreciate and pay for small differences and then blithely drop $$$$ on stereo cables or pets or whatever that means absolutely nothing to you. I will grant that you (rhetorically) see and pay for differences that I either don’t perceive or don’t value – do the same for me.

    Adult cyclists on the sidewalk has now progressed beyond pet peeve to homicidal rage…



    Are you still upset about the soup? ;)



    Trying to contact anyone at a utility co.

    Letting someone out in traffic with no ” Hey Thanks” as if it is expected of you to do so…

    Being waited on at a counter when the employee is on the phone.

    Trying to get anything from White Castle drive thru…..SLOW

    Waiting for someone to figure out how to work the self help check out station.

    Getting behind the car at the bank that wants to work on their account without going inside.

    Taking a personal day from work to wait on the Gas Co ( that is an all day event)



    *people that point out spelling errors, how obnoxious.


    OOO! forgot one. People who think their 4WD actually makes them invincible to all weather conditions.



    pet peeve #1:

    When I’m walking down the sidewalk, and someone’s coming the other way & we make eye contact and I say “hey there” or “how’s it going”…and am met with absolutely zero acknowledgement. Or even better, the person will conspicuously look in the other direction.

    You know, random stranger…I don’t want to be your new best friend. I don’t even want to have a conversation with you. But I’d like to think a world in which strangers acknowledge each other’s existences is going to be a friendlier, safer world. Maybe I’m just too scary looking, I don’t know. I have found that when I’m walking my dog, I get about twice as many replies.


    Andrew Hall

    Coremodels wrote Are you still upset about the soup? ;)

    Perceptive, though there was a more proximate cause today hence the ‘stereo cable’ part.

    After 15+ years, nothing on a Internet forum truly upsets me anymore.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 1,882 total)

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