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West Coast/East Coast and in between transplants

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    The Hegemo

    I was born and raised in Cincinnati. My dad’s family came from Columbus originally (although he grew up in Washington CH), so we had relatives here and I spent some amount of time here growing up. More than a lot of people in Cincinnati, who by and large don’t seem to know or care much about Columbus, or at least they didn’t when I was growing up.

    Went to undergrad in rural Upstate New York, and grad school in Waterloo and Kingston, Ontario. I was away from Ohio on and off for about a decade.

    I’ve been a hockey fan most of my life, and when the Blue Jackets came into being, I started coming to Columbus more often to go to games, got to know some people up here through that. I came to recognize Columbus as a pretty decent city with lots of amenities, and maybe a place I would like to live. After returning to Cincinnati while I was finishing my Ph.D., I didn’t really want to move far away again, so I focused my job search on Ohio, and Columbus was probably my first choice (Cincinnati, you’re home, but you’re just TOO conservative for me…). I was lucky enough to be offered a job here right around Christmas 2003, and moved up here the day after New Year’s, 2004. I really like it here. It’s not without its problems, but I think Columbus is generally a great place to live.



    I came from Seattle Washington, nice to know that there is another pacific northwester here.


    I was born/raised here, in upper Arlington, bleh. I graduated highschool feeling kinda jaded (is that the right word?) I was thoroughly fed up with close-mindedness, Midwestern-ness, and I just wanted to see if there was more out there. So as soon as I graduated I hopped on a greyhound and headed for the left coast, traveling from southern Washington down the 101 highway through Oregon and California. It was all I hoped it would be and more. I found what I was looking for and more. Open-minded liberal-types everywhere, making new friends everyday, a plethora of greenery of all varieties (lol), breathtaking scenery, crazy outdoor festivals/shows, farmers markets, perfect weather….and on and on….
    I came back in the fall, but returned to CA the following 2 summers…
    I always wanted to be a permanent transplant out there, but I couldn’t stay out of trouble when I came back here, so for legal reasons I was stuck here, then I met more Trouble and we have 2 boys together :-P…my SO is from Albuquerque, NM and he constantly pines to be back out west. For a while, I let his severe disdain for all things Midwest & Ohio affect me, I thought I hated it too.. I was the person who, if you told me you were from somewhere east/west coast, I’d say “why would you come here?!?! Blehhhh” lol
    Then I realized that I was hating it for the wrong reasons. For no reason. Other than I HATE HATE HATE winter!!!!
    So me and Ohio made nice. I don’t mind Columbus, I probably won’t leave for a long time since I have kids now and the fam is here. I really really like my boss, my job, my house, my little life here….


    Always nice to see another UA alum who took a less traditional route.


    Are you from UA? I’m class of ’97


    oops. edit..


    J.R. Locke

    I was born and raised in a small town Ohio west of here. A lot of people from my area live here. This is kind of the big city to get to from where I hail.

    I moved here because it made the most sense to graduate academic pursuits and other things. Spent a not so fun 8 months at Milo Arts trying to herd cats. Then I left Columbus to Portland ME, Louisville, Memphis and then Cleveland…now I am back with my old job, here.

    I will likely be gone shortly with my job but I would rather stay. I love the weather here, radio, having a big college in town and I really like the pockets of town I know. I would be fine buying a $20,000 house and calling it a day here but unfortunately my past makes that not so easy.

    If I could find a compatible co-habitator I would probably stay. But for now I think I will be following the money….$10,000 raise may be too much to pass up.

    I love Columbus. It is a city I identify with.


    Where can you find a house for 20k??
    Sign me up!

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    short pants wrote >>
    Where can you find a house for 20k??
    Sign me up!

    Quite a few on the Near East Side, Southside and the Milo-Grogan, Linden, Franklinton neighborhoods:


    Plenty of them need some rehab work, and they’re not in the most desirable of areas, but if you’re looking for something dirt cheap, they’re out there.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    These are pretty close to where I live, and not in *too* bad of shape (judging from online photos & descriptions… would probably want to schedule a walk through). But yeah… probably nothing you couldn’t hire CDS to fix. ;)







    look up Real Estate Owned properties, one example would be REO.Chase.com. They are more than likely a fixer upper but I’ve seen a house as cheap as $8,000 in the Southside area.



    I’ve been an “ohioian” (is that correct?) for now 4 days.

    I’m originally from Chicago. My husband is from Dublin, OH.

    I’ve been living (sigh…lived) in LA for almost 9 years. My husband was approaching 7 years. We met out in LA, lived together, and then lived our married life out there until this past Summer/Fall when we decided it was about that time to move back to the Midwest.

    We moved for many of the same reasons as others: Our mortgage would be about 50% cheaper than our rent in LA. We would be closer to both of our families. We are looking to have kids in the next couple years. And overall, the lifestyle is a bit easier. I mean, really? I don’t have to pay to park at Target? It only takes 20 minutes to get almost anywhere? Rush hour only lasts from 4pm – 6pm?

    Because of the nature of my job (i’m a freelance TV producer), I may go back to LA to stay with friends and work while I can there, unless opportunities arise here. Which would be awesome if they did, and I’m working on pursuing just that..

    Its funny, I’ve been stalking this site for a couple months to get to low down on the areas and learn as much as I can about Columbus, and this is my first post. So far I’ve learned that there are lots of opportunities, and tons to see and do – you just need to seek them out.



    Speaking of cheap houses-there will be an REO in Hungarian Village this February or so and I think that you could get it for about 30k. I have way too many houses I’m working on right now but I really want someone good (owner occupant ideally) to buy it. Structurally sound and cute, but it will need paint and plumbing most likely. PM me and convince me you are not a slumlord and I will tell you all about it. I would definitely buy it myself if I wasn’t so overextended.



    Born and raised on Long Island, went to college at a small town in Western New York. Moved here 21 years ago when my ex went to grad school at OSU.

    There are a lot worse places to be than Columbus. I really do like it. Plenty of opportunities, the cost of living is reasonable. Heck, I was able to purchase then refinance a house. Plenty of places to see films, art, culture or get good food at any price point.

    I do feel landlocked at times. I miss the ocean, Lake Erie and still can’t find a place that makes decent chicken wings. Overall, I have no plans on leaving here. Columbus is my home.

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