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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Welcome everyone! :D



    Hi Everyone!
    I just moved here about a week ago from Chicago for work.

    I’m a live music, dog, art and food lover. I’m super excited to find CU to help explore my new home!

    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    Hi! welcome!



    Just found it today, though it seems i’ve heard the term somewhere before. I work in video production here in Columbus, and have lied here all of my life. We keep an updated blog with lots of photos. http://www.videoproducerblog.com. Fun on a bun.



    Hello! I’m a longtime Columbus resident living in the Harrison West neighborhood. Been reading CU for about a year but never joined as the first post I read (on Le Chocoholique – less chocolate more whining about fonts) left me thinking y’all were cranky and a little font-obsessed. But since you also seem to know everything going on in the city, I’m jumping in. I love the fresh take on stuff to do in Columbus and reviews of new places. In my free time I’m usually at the dog park with my pack or drinking at Surly Girl.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Heh. There’s only a few font nerds around here, but they sure do turn rowdy when Papyrus gets used. ;)



    Hi. Ive posted here a few times over the last few yrs. I enjoy this site for the latest news on the goings ons about town. I get a lot of good ideas on things to do here.
    Me=registered nurse, I own a small business renting a cabin and a yurt in the Hocking Hills region. I live with a marvelous man, 3 dogs and 4 cats, plus a tank full of fish. I also help run a meet up group for hikers called HikeOhio. Next month I’ll be going back to school to get my bachelors in nursing.
    Tree hugging dirt worshipping bleeding heart liberal best describes me.



    Hello, I’ve been a lurker here since like 2006 but honestly haven’t started posting until recently. I really love Columbus but I left for greener pastures…but I will always love Columbus if only for the enthusiasm that you all have for bettering your community…it’s so catchy and such a great resource that it seems many other places don’t have.
    I’m an OSU grad, originally from central Ohio, and I work as the liaison to hispanic students and families in an office on the east coast whose school is on the west coast. Whew!
    I love this place because when I go back to Columbus to visit friends I always know what’s up. My virtual link to a city I don’t get to be in that often anymore.



    Hello, I’ve lived in Columbus for almost 6 years. My husband and I bought a house in Schumacher Place about a year ago (moving back from the burbs) and we love it! We live there with our cat and dog, but no kids yet.

    I’ve been a lurker on here for about a year, but have only posted once or twice. I am really into development in the city, and the neighborhoods immediately surrounding it. We are also into real estate and I’ve found out some very useful information on this site that helps with the areas I am not as familiar with. Beyond that I just love to know what is going on throughout the city – and for that this site can’t be beat.

    Anyway just wanted to say hi and formally introduce myself, so hi! :)


    welcome to the clubhouse :)


    Now put on these Nikes and drink this Kool-Aid



    Kush, 30 years old, love weed, and have lived in columbus off an on since 1999. I work in corporate development and strategy for a bank (internal m&a). I will most likely be living in Dallas or San Francisco within the next 2 months or so.



    Hello! My name is Justin, and I’ve been living in Columbus for the past 6 years. I love CU, as it’s become my go-to site for all things Columbus. I am a high school teacher, a wanna be avid gardener, a lover of books and good music, and I’m digging the best movies of 2010 thread. Looking forward to learning more about the city and the fine people here on CU.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Welcome, welcome, welcome! ;)




    My name is Dan, I am 24 y/o and I just moved to Columbus about 2 months ago. Before that I lived in Washington D.C. and Columbus, I am looking forward to finding more out about Columbus.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 654 total)

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