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    Hey guys! I’m excited to finally post on here! I lived in Columbus during my college days at OSU and have been living at home for about 7 months now in the exciting village of Carroll, OH. Good news though, i’ll be moving to Grandview in August! I’m really pumped for all of the bicentennial events that will be taking place this summer and I wanted to share one that I am personally involved with. It’s called The 614 Life and it is a community-driven, photo-based creative project that will use your Columbus photos to create a massive mosaic art piece to be displayed downtown! The website for the project will be launching TOMORROW on 6/14 day! Please check it out and contribute! http://www.the614life.com/

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Welcome! :D



    Well, leave it to me to do things backwards. Since I’ve already posted, I’ll introduce now. Grew up in and around Columbus, spent a lot of years away on both coasts, and have been back for quite a few years now. Soon to be a downtown resident again, which seems to be where I was meant to be.

    Love the site, lots of great information and useful thoughts. Thanks everyone.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Welcome! Officially! ;)



    I’m with DTown, doing things backwards, but here’s my intro. So I’ve been a Columbus resident for close to a decade. I honestly didn’t think I’d be around for this long, as I’ve had a desire to move out west. But over the last 4-5 years I’ve grown to really appreciate and love what Columbus is creating and how fast it’s changing. I’ve connected with the community over the years and I see the diversity in the people and ideas and the passion that some people have to make Columbus great. It can be contagious.



    Hi all, I’m a 2-year Columbus resident, coming from Ohio University and working full time here since then.

    I’m loving Columbus thus far, aside from my current apartment hunt…

    I’ve lurked on this website over the past couple of years, and finally joined today. Love the site.


    Alex Silbajoris

    Welcome to the digital hot tub!

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Welcome to everyone! ;)



    I’m relocating to Columbus next month to work at OSU. I’ve already posted a couple times regarding the fun that is rental-hunting, and I’ve already gotten great responses from folks on the board. Thanks! I look forward to starting life in Columbus.



    I am glad to be able to bring the Next Generation of Arcades to Columbus, Ohio. I am the owner of a new style of arcade called Just Play Games that has PS3’s and Xbox 360’s. Website http://www.JPGGamers.com. I have a friend that told me to join this site to help get the word out to all the gamers out there! We will be hosting tournaments monthly and have are own pro gaming team. We are like Dave n Busters in the since that we use game cards for you to game, but we call them Battle Cards. If you go to the website you can learn more.



    Good Evening Columbus,

    I am proud to say I love this city and I will be here for a very long time. With one semester left of graduation, I decided to permanently stay in Columbus and not move back home to Jersey. Entertainment is my passion and I have been involved in events since I was 15 working back home for the best entertainment company in the East Coast. When I told my mother this decision, she asked me ” Why did I send you to college for 4 years? So you can become a DJ?” I told her without an education, running an entertainment business would not be possible. Without the day to day experiences here at Ohio State, it would have never gave me the opportunity to be where I stand today. One of my events that I directed/produced was a fashion show for my fraternity that raised $2,000 for Alzheimer’s. Here is a video.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I look forward to meeting you all someday.

    Daniel David

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Welcome, welcome, welcome! ;)


    I guess I did it backwards too! I’m a transplant, been so for a decade or so. I like Columbus. It’s the slower pace of life that I like. I’m just a regular “ham and egger”, who got lucky enough to start up his own videography adventure.

    Then, I just started to ramble on YouTube about how all of our differences, really make us alike. Glad to be here. Long time listener, first timer caller. Thanks.



    Hi Everybody!
    Recently returned to Columbus. For over ten years I lived in San Francisco and am now back.
    I’m a performer, currently succeeding as a burlesque artist. I am the top-rated (of 12 in the world) fire tassel twirler. I even add marshmallows and s’mores into my act!

    Bringing the Camp to the Fire!
    Lady Monster

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Welcome, welcome! ;)

Viewing 15 posts - 271 through 285 (of 654 total)

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