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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans


    If you’re new around here, feel free to post a little hello message here and introduce yourself if you’re so inclined.

    Welcome to ColumbusUnderground.com!

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Just so everyone knows… we’ve had a few different topics like this in the past, but wanted to start something new and stick it to the front of the forums as a softer landing pad for new people looking to be greeted upon entry rather than thrown into the fray on any random topic du jour.

    I like to think we’re generally a friendly bunch around here, although sometimes overly passionate about specific topics of discussion, which can sometimes come across harsher than intended.

    Anyway, again, welcome aboard! ;)



    Thanks, Walker… I’ve been reading CU for years, and have become the person that people always ask “so, what’s going on at the corner of whatever and so-forth?” And thanks to y’all, I usually know! Which — is awesome. I’ve been really hesitant to post, because I got into a message board community once about 5 years ago, and the drama got to be overwhelming. But, a girl can only resist for so long… you guys seem to be kind and fun and swell, even if y’are a buncha hipsters. (I kid!!) I live in the Italian Village area, but it’s close to Weinland Park, as well. I recently landed a pretty dreamy job as a research recruiter for a local bigtime insurance company that I’m not sure I’m allowed to name (but which shouldn’t take too many guesses) and love the way that it (and lots of other businesses) are really putting value on customer feedback. Power to the people, and all. I’m sure there’s more to say about myself, but momma taught me better. Hopefully, as I get my feet wetter, you’ll learn.



    hi friends!

    my name is jaymie and i have lived in columbus for the past 6-ish years after attending OWU (go bishops!). = ) i just completed my masters in school counseling and i have been teaching elementary school for the past 6-ish years!

    a friend of mine has sent me several links from CU and now that grad school is done i am newly obsessed. it’s a great sounding board and connector…2 of my favorite things. = )



    Hi all,

    I have been checking CU for a few years. I’ve mostly been interested to see what people are talking about most (what’s creating a buzz). The site does also serve as a nice go-to place to get information on local developments.

    My name is Joseph Higgins, and I am a senior at Ohio State. I study economics, but I have spent a lot of my own time honing my interests in city planning and public policy.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Welcome, welcome, welcome to all three of you! ;)

    And Happy New Year too! ;)



    This thread is a nice idea. Welcome!



    Oh hai!

    My name is Chad and I’ve only been on Columbus Underground for maybe two months now I’ve already been to two CU events and participated in a few spirit debates on the message boards, woo! So far I’ve been really impressed by the content and the perspectives presented on here and am really glad that my girlfriend (catswiththumbs) pushed me to check out the website. Will be inter-webbin’ in up with you all in the future.



    Rockmastermike wrote >>
    This thread is a nice idea. Welcome!




    Hi! Thanks for this thread! My first post was ironically in the thread last week about Columbus transplants.

    My name is Kate, and I just recently relocated to the Columbus area from LA.
    I’m originally from Chicago, my husband from here in Dublin. We met/lived/worked/married in LA.

    My husband recently moved back to Columbus for work, and of course, I’m here too, along for the ride! I’m a freelance TV producer and will be going back and forth to LA for work, unless I find something fantastic here in Columbus, using my skill set.

    Friends of the family led me to Columbus Underground this past Fall, and I’ve been a reading ever since, totally immersing myself into everything the area has to offer. (House Wine is one of my fav places so far!)

    Hope to attend the next Happy Hour meet up if I’m in town!



    Hi! I’m a 27-year-old female (natch; see name) and I’ve been lurking here (and posting occasionally) since I moved to Columbus from Chillicothe about four years ago. I love CU because it always gives me new ideas for things to do in Columbus–and a big advantage in the “Coming Up in Columbus” category at Team Tim Trivia!

    I work in advertising, and I just bought a house in the not-so-rich part of Bexley which I share with my husband and my extremely shy beagle.

    I’ve only been to one CU event, and it was the Pizza Grand Prix this year. My friends and I liked it so much that we plan to make it a yearly tradition, if it continues!

    Thanks for making CU such a friendly, diverse community!


    Good Day! Hello to everyone, this is another outlet for me to tell you how great I am. My Name is Mr Bubbles and I am proud to be in Columbus(World’s Best Kept Secret). I look forward to being a part of this social scene. Thank you Oprah and Walker. Cheers!


    Hello CU community!

    My name is Gary and have lived in Central Ohio for 25 years, but have only recently become aware of CU. I joined yesterday in order to share my new restaurant blog (www.eat-my-words-blog.blogspot.com) with a wider community and have been impressed with the traffic on the message boards. I’m glad I finally found this forum and look forward to great conversations!



    Greetings- i lived here back in ’94-’97 and moved back recently, looking to dive in head first into the music and art scene. My first impressions were reading the CL musician ads and there seemed to be some apathy and then discovering that a major spot where i seen most of my fav bands on tour Little Brother’s closed…i hope this is more due to the economy than lack of interest. i have always like CBus and the people here, being a big town with small town attitude.



    Hello All, I have lived in Columbus for 26 years now and can’t complain. Italian Village is where I spend most of my time and St James of course. Been lurking CU for a decent amount of time but just now decided to post.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 654 total)

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