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    Less talk, more action, y’all! We want some neighbors on Grant with kids! :-)

    Is anyone following this thread actually purchasing a house on Grant, or seriously considering it?

    Anyone with kids?

    I have just purchased on Grant and construction is going to start soon. Sorry – no kids! And none on the horizon. But very excited to be buying over in the area and looking forward to the development!



    Quick question. My concern with that development isn’t crime but rather the proximity to the train tracks. My girlfriend used to live on Summit by the school and every night we slept with the windows open I was awakened by the screech of train brakes. Drove me crazy.

    I’ve lived just off of Grant for just over 4 years now and within a few blocks, of that far from the tracks, off and on for the last 20 years. I don’t really notice the trains much anymore and I sleep with my windows open most of the time.

    The only time I really notice them is when I’m trying to talk on the phone while sitting on my porch or when I’m using an antenna instead of cable for the TV.

    Though every year since the train explosion, whenever the fireworks at the fair start going off, I have a brief moment of panic.



    The trains are loud. For the bedroom facing the tracks, we can’t leave the window open at night. A train comes by around 2AM is that is particularly loud. We can leave the back bedrooms’ windows open without much of a problem, though certainly you can still hear it.

    We do have a problem with the 8:30PM train knocking out the internet for some reason. It comes back up after the train has passed, but without fail, that train in particular cuts the internet.

    I don’t know if it will ever materialize, but the Waggonbrenner’s told us once that they WOULD be putting in sound walls once they started development on the other side of Grant.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    There’s been a ton of progress on new homes on Grant Avenue this summer. I’m impressed with how quick they’re going in every time I drive by.

    Photo from here: https://www.columbusunderground.com/construction-in-columbus-august-2015


    Nancy H

    There’s been a ton of progress on new homes on Grant Avenue this summer. I’m impressed with how quick they’re going in every time I drive by.

    Buyers have a way of making things move quickly :-))

Viewing 5 posts - 436 through 440 (of 440 total)

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