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Watering hole with above-average food

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    Cookie wrote >>

    hivner1 wrote >>
    O’Reilly’s. Clintonville. BBQ Bacon Burger (1/2 lb’er!).

    I’ve only been to O’Reilly’s a couple of times, but I’m about as eager to eat there as I am to eat at Bernie’s.

    I wonder what it says about me that I’ve eaten at both multiple times … My problem with O’Reilly’s is there just aren’t that many veggie choices (they pulled a veggie burger from the menu b/c not many people ordered it; egg salad sandwiches are only available seasonally), but the grilled cheese is pretty solid. And, y’know, I’ve never experienced a sewage overflow there, so I feel way more confident about what I’m putting into my face there than I have at Bernie’s.


    Analogue Kid

    -Surly Girl
    -Various fancy pizzas
    -Short North



    osulew wrote >>

    Kbear919 wrote >>
    who’s got the best wings? Don’t say BW3

    Here’s my faves…fer what it’s worth.
    I think my new fave is at Banana Bean…kinda jerk sorta spiced…perfectly cooked…super yum
    For just regular buffalo wings I like Rooster’s cuz they’re crispy and yumtastic.
    I also actually dig the ones at Thurman Cafe. They don’t separate the wing from the drummie so they bring you this giant bowl filled with huge chicken arms…super messy, but really good.
    Annnnnnnnd, I actually recall the smoked wingies at Barley’s Smokehouse being super good.
    So thar it be.
    Let’s go get wings and beer next week…sounds so good now.

    I propose Sunday, Rooster GV, Browns game, 1pm. Or actually, anytime on Sunday.

    B&I made the mistake of going to BW3 on Lane last Thursday for the Browns pre-season game. We thought there’d be giant gazonking screens and some decent wings but alas, our server, Brianna, flirted so much with the table next to us that by the time we got our teeny tiny wings, they were a congealed mass of yuck. To give them credit (or maybe to give my sweet talking, boobie shaking skills credit), a nice floor manager got them to turn off the awful soft & classic rock and piped in the sound throughout all three floors. Very nice of them.

    BUT we still left at halftime to go to Roosters GV. It felt SO MUCH BETTER. Adults and neighborhood types at the bar, prompt (if a little surly) bar service, PIPING HOT GIGANTOR WINGS with the best skin crispies, great tvs, and the sound was already on.

    I’m never going to BW3 ever again. Stoopid college bars with stoopid amateur servers.



    Stating the obvious here but how about Marshall’s in Grandview. I heart their Cajun chicken


    Buffalo shrimp or wedge [email protected] Press Grill in Short North
    BLT with 2 Egg [email protected] King Avenue 5 in Grandview

    And RIP Taco Ninja :(



    Club 185, German Village. Charles Burger (burger with a fried egg on grilled texas toast). (I call it the heart attack special)

    and regarding the wings discussion:
    I think Roosters has the best wings. They have a good sauce that they can adjust to taste, and the wings are *crispy* which is a must for me. I hate underdone chicken skin *yuck*.

    Shmack… I would be interested in having wings on Sunday. yum.

    Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson

    I gotta throw Ravari in the mix…mmmmm 2am Hound Dog’s pizza!



    What’s that bar over between UA and Westgate that is supposed to have an amazing burger? I keep wanting to try it but it seems like I can only ever go on Saturday nights and it looks like the sort of place you get in trouble for sitting on the wrong stool.



    Hey Hey, German Village, sauerkraut balls


    SJT wrote >>
    And RIP Taco Ninja :(

    if that is your feeling… remind me to never eat where you do :)


    CMH Gourmand

    Agree with Club 185 – add in the bolonga sandwich

    Villa Nova – Big beer….free food


    Johnnies – ask Core Models



    Bodega and Rossi for me.



    Club 185- The mushroom soup has sherry in it, amazing.

    Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson

    Mercurius wrote >>
    Bodega and Rossi for me.

    Big +1 for me too.



    SusanB wrote >>
    Club 185- The mushroom soup has sherry in it, amazing.

    If you like mushroom barley soup with sherry, give this a look from Mollie
    Katzen’s Moosewood Cookbook. The base contains soy sauce for added richness. I use the Chinese brand Pearl River Bridge Mushroom Flavored Superior Dark Soy Sauce from local Chinese grocers, and it really tastes great.


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 96 total)

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