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Washington DC Recommendations

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    Walker said:
    Heh. I’m still working on my five-page travel writeup since we went. Maybe it’ll go up in a day or two. ;) Sounds like we were there around the same time!

    Yeah, I tried to avoid eye contact when I saw you, because you’re such a title.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    pez said:
    Walker, where did you stay?

    We found a 400sqft apartment for rent on airbnb.com for $98 per night, which was absolutely awesome. We stayed in Foggy Bottom next to GWU, a block from the Foggy Bottom Metro Station. We were a 5-15 minute walk from Georgetown, The Lincoln Memorial, The White House, Dupont Circle, and the western half of Downtown. Loved it!

    Full trip report coming soon! It’s seriously turning into a 5000-word article. :P

    Edit: Here’s the apartment for anyone interested. ;)




    Love this thread! There are a few eateries on here that I didn’t even know about…I’ll have to check them out the last few moments we have in DC this year. Foggy Bottom/West End is where my office is. It is also one of the worst metro stations in the system (I know…don’t talk about mass transit problems).

    I have a hard time being a tour guide, because the museums and historical sites easily eat up your whole trip here, and your priorities are much different living here compared to visiting (of course).

    I’ve had a lot of people visit who were disappointed the Washington Monument was closed after the earthquake in 2011 (that was wild!), and they are now putting the scaffolding up all around it. Definitely ruins the view, and it is not as neat as the pictures I saw from the last time it was fully encapsulated in ’93-ish when it was actually designed. But, if you really want to get up high to look out, you can always visit the tower in the Old Post Office before Donald Trump fixes/ruins that beautiful building. It is free, and almost the same view. http://www.nps.gov/opot/planyourvisit/hours.htm. The Washington National Cathedral is another place if you are up around the zoo area…it has a very nice Frederick Law Olmsted park with old growth trees.

    If you have a morning/afternoon, one of our favorite nearby areas is Mount Vernon. There is a boat cruise that takes an hour to get down there, but it is a nice ride. If you are into beer, try to find some Port City…or visit their brewery in Alexandria, Virginia if that is your style. Old Town Alexandria (near there) is also a cool little neighborhood next to the river.

    Obviously I love Eastern Market/Capitol Hill since that is my current home. Barracks Row on 8th Street has a lot of nice eateries. If you want to visit the Capitol Building, and you are interested in seeing more than the Rotunda and Statuary Hall, you should contact your representative for Session passes, and maybe a guided tour if you can get the hook-up.



    I recommend founding farmers for brunch




    I second the Founding Farmers recommendation!

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Ok… it took me a month to finish it, but here it is… our 5-page 4,400+ word DC travel report!

    Travel: Washington DC via Amtrak


    So glad you made it to Founding Farmer’s and had such a good meal!



    So glad you guys went to places other than The national mall. Every time friends come from out of town I have to take them there and it’s gotten really annoying over the past couple of years. Solid choices on accommodations, eating, and the neighborhoods you visited. One thing though is that at Kramer books and afterwords you should’ve taken advantage of the free orange juice and free bread stuff. I’m surprised it was that expensive, when I meet my friends for brunch it’s normally not that much.

    Glad you enjoyed!

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    peanutnozone said:
    One thing though is that at Kramer books and afterwords you should’ve taken advantage of the free orange juice and free bread stuff. I’m surprised it was that expensive, when I meet my friends for brunch it’s normally not that much.

    Yeah, perhaps we just ordered wrong. The pork tacos there were good, but at $8.50 apiece, definitely overpriced. Cool bookstore though. ;)

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