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    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about this village on the west side? The area seems nice and home prices are pretty cheap, but I am really not to well versed on west side parts of town.



    From what I hear Valleyview is pretty nice. It has its own little police force (which is a big plus) and is close to the new west side bike connector. It is not the most walkable neighborhood, but either are a lot of places in Columbus. There is also a nice swim facility in the area.


    Valleyview is pretty much the same as the hilltop. The schools are not great. Nicer and inexpensive hilltop homes may be found in the central and south hilltop areas, although the crime rate may be higher than in valleyview. The YMCA has a branch in valleyview that is very nice, and has good youth sports.



    I don’t think Valleyview is the same as Hilltop. Basically, the further north you get from Sullivant, the better as far as crime rates go. North of Broad is better than south, and certainly north of the tracks into Valleyview is pretty decent.



    jbcmh81 said:
    I don’t think Valleyview is the same as Hilltop. Basically, the further north you get from Sullivant, the better as far as crime rates go. North of Broad is better than south, and certainly north of the tracks into Valleyview is pretty decent.

    Crime is pretty even regardless of where you are in relation to Broad. At least that’s the last set of numbers/crime map I saw from around 2-3 months ago.



    Valleyview uses Columbus schools, but does have it’s own police force. It’s a funny, isolated pocket, since it abuts the huge train switching yard & tracks on one side, 70 on the east side, ends at Wilson Rd on the west side and Vallyview Rd to the south. I do know the cops there are *extremely* serious about traffic violations – which lets you know there isn’t a whole lot else happening inside their jurisdiction.

    The location is fantastic for biking downtown – although, I’d skip the new connector-to-nowhere-currently and go straight down McKinley to all the paths that hook up on Sauder in the confluence area.

    It’s like much of the westside – there are little pockets where everyone is meticulous about there houses, then a block down, not so much.

    The homeless folks make up for a lot of foot traffic down Valleyview Dr, since the big metal yards are down there off Harper. However, they’re just passing through, so it doesn’t seem to be a problem (except for that one house, where they seem to just randomly camp out on the steps).

    Latest crime map – including the last 30 days of data – and yes, Valleyview reports to CPD for the info, and as you can see, there is a *big* difference between there, and the area south of there (there’s a hill & tracks & little ravine that physically separate Valleyview drive from the rest of the Hilltop.

    Picture 8



    Good Morning. I wanted to post to let everyone know that I have been living in Valleyview for about 6 months and it is great. I live on Valleyview Dr and everyone around me is very friendly and takes great pride in the neighborhood and their property. I have experienced no crime, and it is a very calm place to live. There is some noise from the hilltop and the close-by police helipad, but for the most part it is very quiet. As far as the police presence, it is definitely felt, they drive around quite frequently. My partner and I have mixed feelings on the matter. He feels over-patroled and I am thankful for their part in the mostly crime-free neighborhood. They are friendly and wave at you, but they will stop and run plates of people parked at your home. I’m not the biggest fan of that. The other residents I have spoken to really like having them and it gives them a feeling of ease in living there. My neighbor moved from Upper Arlington and said she feels no less safe than she did in her old place.

    CC, you are correct, it’s not very walkable. There is a market on Valleyview and Hague that you can go to in a pinch, but Grandview is very convenient as well as downtown and West Broad. West Broad has a great shopping center with a Kroger, Target, Bath and Body, Dollar store, Sally’s and a lot more. All of these things are a 5-minute drive away.

    I did get a bicycle for Christmas so I am looking forward to hitting the bike paths off of Souder and can’t wait for July for the extension on the path off of Harper to be extended.

    All in all, this neighborhood is great to live in and the house prices are very affordable. The homes were mostly built around 1950 and most are very well maintained.

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