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Train Derails Off Fields Ave - Massive Fire

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    Train Derailment, Explosion Under Investigation
    By: Denise Yost, Jason Mays, Carl Bohart | NBC4i.com , NBC4
    Updated: July 11, 2012 – 2:53 PM

    A train derails near the Ohio State Fairgrounds on the city’s north side early Wednesday morning, causing an explosion that was seen from 10 miles away.

    A southbound Norfolk Southern train with two locomotives and 98 freight cars of mixed freight derailed between E. 11th and E. 5th avenues at about 2:05 a.m. Eleven train cars derailed, officials said.

    READ MORE: http://www2.nbc4i.com/news/2012/jul/11/62/train-derails-hazmat-called-scene-ar-1099151/



    Bear said:

    But the police radio that I’ve listened in to has been slim pickings.

    the good stuff last night was not from the police, but rather the fire department.



    Rockmastermike said:
    er… well, that’s the point. if you don’t know what it is you really don’t want to be breathing it. SOP is full class A hazmat with Self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) for totally unknown chemicals. (well… or just GTFO)

    I don’t know when the photo was taken, but for a while it looked like just another housefire arson, which no one thinks about being particularly dangerous (although probably they should), and which have been depressingly common in Weinland Park.

    Later on, though, the police were driving all up and down that area and telling people to evacuate, so there would be no excuse other than dumbassedness.



    labi said:
    I don’t know when the photo was taken, but for a while it looked like just another housefire arson… which have been depressingly common in Weinland Park.

    and that is a very sad state of affairs :(



    GCrites80s said:
    Train wrecks happens much less often than semi crashes. Trains run on dedicated, fixed ROW that is privately owned, has highly limited access and is easier to secure than a roadway.

    Dispatch story on trains versus trucks



    Graybeak said:
    Dispatch story on trains versus trucks

    Patti Reilly, spokeswoman for the Association of American Railroads based in Washington, D.C., said such events are extremely rare. Railroads safely deliver 99.997 percent of 1.8 million carloads of hazardous materials each year, Reilly said.

    “We cannot turn down the shipment of hazardous materials,” she added. “Congress mandates that we haul hazardous materials because we are the safest mode of transport.”


    Was there a piece of heavy machinery parked on or close enough to the track that the train clipped it and went wonky?



    If you were in the evacuation area (basically the tracks over until North 4th St.) you can go over to the Ohio Building at the State Fairgrounds and file a claim for $100. They will be there today and Saturday.

    You need proof of residency (ie, utility bill, or drivers license with address) and your Social Security card.



    Stumbled across this photo:



    Broken Rail to Blame for 2012 Columbus Train Derailment
    Updated: Friday, September 19 2014, 07:56 AM EDT

    COLUMBUS (Csaba Sukosd) – The train derailment that caused 100 people to be evacuated from their homes, and $1.2 million worth of damage in July 2012 was caused by a broken rail, according to the final report by the National Transportation Safety Board.

    READ MORE: http://www.myfox28columbus.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/broken-rail-blame-2012-columbus-train-derailment-35274.shtml#.VBw_skvjPwI

Viewing 10 posts - 61 through 70 (of 70 total)

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