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    Street cleaning… BOO! It is such a frekin’ money making scam for the city. My neighborhood ended up starting a little reminder/buddy system to look out for each other. I’d understand it a bit more if it was same time every month, but they make the schedule ridiculous. Plus- ever notice that the streets look worse half the time afterwards?? It just blows a bunch of dust around.

    I do have a funny story about a good friend running out of her house hungover with no pants on& without her glasses to blindly move her car around the block so she wouldn’t get towed. Good times.

    As for the sign not saying “tow away zone”- that is odd& perhaps you could TRY to fight it, especially if you explain that you don’t live there…??? But it will probably be futile :(


    SJT wrote >>
    My neighborhood ended up starting a little reminder/buddy system to look out for each other.

    Been doing this for years in GV too (after, as Drew pointed out, learning the hard way as a true GV resident LOL). Help your neighbors!



    How did you begin the little reminder / buddy system? I would love to do that to look out for others. Yeah, totally a lesson learned and I’m all good with that :)))

    Thanks all


    Being towed myself, then just walking out with my pooch in the morning on the way to Schiller on towing day and knocking on doors to stop my neighbors from suffering the hook basically.



    Back in 06 when CCAD had just finished and opened their new building at Cleveland and Long, there were several painted parking spots on the street with no meters. One day during lunch I sat and watched a city crew put no parking signs on newly installed posts. There were about 8 cars parked out there when the signs went up at noon that had been there since before the signs were installed. As soon as the signs went up one of Columbus’ finest began writing tickets on those cars. I was pretty floored by it, thankfully my car wasn’t one of them or I’d probably have gone to jail that day.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Rockmastermike wrote >>
    I always thought that was walker.

    Actually, the more appropriate title is Ranger.

    I think I recall hearing that someone was setting up some sort of free texting service for the Columbus area where you could input your phone number and neighborhood and you’d get a text reminder right before the street cleaning times. I’m searching for it online though, and can’t find it. Maybe I was just dreaming that?

    I had my car towed once while on campus for this. I agree that I’m sure it’s a big boost in revenue for the city, but at the same time, I’m glad they do it and keep some of those areas as clean as they do.



    SJT wrote >> As for the sign not saying “tow away zone”- that is odd& perhaps you could TRY to fight it, especially if you explain that you don’t live there…??? But it will probably be futile :(

    Actually. All streets are tow away zones. If someone abandons or decides to store an unused car in front of your house, you can notify the city and they will remove it.



    One of the great things about the West Side is that the parking situation does not seem so restrictive. Thank goodness


    turbo ninja

    I wouldn’t say the GV parking situation is “restrictive:” The rules are that you can’t park on a certain side of the street for a two-hour (or is it three?) window one day per month from April through October or something like that. That’s not a lot of time for the city to care about where you park in the Village.

    It just hits harder because most Village residents have to park on the street and the tow hours are just early enough that some people haven’t gone to work for the day.

    Also seems like the city SHOULD be more restrictive when GV residents need it, like on weekend nights when we’re looking for parking spaces but the neighborhood is parked up by tourists, valets or people going to bars. We pay for neighborhood permits but few and far between are the parking tickets given to interlopers on a Friday night.



    Just fyi… the ticket people come around I think an hour before the towing starts.

    I got ticketed on Broad Street a few weeks ago. I know they start to tow at 4 but I didn’t read the sign, and realized that they have the parking restricted on Broad from 3 to 6, not 4 to 6 like all the other streets. Luckily I just got the ticket, and not the tow. My car would have been gone at 4 on the dot I know.

    Anyway… the ticket is just that… you’ll get a ticket an hour before they tow. I guess the ticket gets rolled into the impound fee to get your car back.


    for Italian Village residents:
    http://www.italianvillage.org/dontgettowed.html (free text message reminders)



    I have seen them clean around cars and sometimes I’ve seen them lined up to tow them away. If one doesn’t get towed, then I guess he/she is just lucky.

    Sorry about your luck though. :(

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)

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