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Tired of Train Horns Blowing at Night Downtown

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    As an Arena District resident I get to make a choice between sleep and enjoying having my windows open when the weather is nice due to the multiple loud trains rumbling through downtown every night.

    I believe they have to blow their horns for the pedestrian crossing off of Marconi which leads me to wonder why the heck there is a pedestrian crossing of train tracks in the first place, and in the middle of downtown in the second.

    Just venting. Wish there was a way to get rid of those horns.



    The power of the music of the night …



    Tell me about it. I live in Gahanna and if I make the mistake of leaving my windows open at night, I’ll awake to a freakin Tabernacle Choir of birds that starts chirping at 5 am on the dot. Can’t sleep through that racket.


    Jason Powell

    I have to listen to Akon and Rhianna almost every night, and that’s without the windows open because I live partially below grade. I would pay good money to live next to that railroad track.



    This is hilarious… I lived for many, many years very close to tracks, and I loved the sound – I still love the sound. I’ve never lived anywhere that was truly quiet – not even in the middle of nowhere. That’s why I run a fan. ;)

    I work in the Arena District, at the corner of Marconi & Nationwide. That pedestrian crossing is there for a number of reasons – mainly because people were walking over the unguarded tracks, since the walk around is a half-mile in either direction. People who work in the AD park in the garage on the other side of the tracks; folks were crossing them to get to more food options to the south; there is an AEP office in the AD and folks have to attend meetings in the big building; etc, etc, etc. The crossing is a good idea and so much safer than what was there before.



    I do pay good money to live next to that railroad track….I think that’s partially my problem.



    hajames66 said:
    Just venting. Wish there was a way to get rid of those horns.

    Guidance on the Quiet Zone Creation Process:


    Walker Evans

    I’ve been pretty annoyed lately by the third shift work ODOT is doing on 71 right next to our residential neighborhood, but when there’s no construction I kind of enjoy the dull roar of the highway. When the air is right, the sounds of trains can travel over this way as well and I’ve never minded that either… though I imagine it’s much more annoying living right on top of the tracks…



    johnwirtz said:
    Guidance on the Quiet Zone Creation Process:

    How would one who doesn’t know anything about government or politics get this going?



    shooting earplugs will do the trick



    cheap said:
    shooting earplugs will do the trick

    That would be even louder.



    Not sure about a ped crossing, but the high cost of installing gates and lights is a problem. You’d think some blinking lights and a beeping pole would be enough, but I guess it has to be idiot proof.

    How to get started? Donate the money to do it and it will be done in 6 months. Otherwise convince a developer, start a 3+ yr social movement, or move.

    Could the trains simply ring their bell like most passenger trains? I’m assuming the bell is speed dependent but I’ve never seen a train roaring through downtown.



    6a. BEEEEEP[step away from the school bus, the school bus is loading]BEEEEP/diesel engine.



    I live at corner of Marconi & Ludlow, & my bedroom literally is across the street from that train crossing area on edge of arena district. Would LOVE to make that a quiet zone, and If people are dumb enough to go underneath the gates, thy deserve to get hit.


    Anne Evans

    I used to live in a place where the owner of a diesel truck would ‘warm it up’ for 30 min every morning at 5. That got old.
    Now mostly just have to listen semi trucks -seem to be on our road more with the highway construction- drive over a sinkhole that causes the truck beds to make an awful slamming noise.
    Busses with squeaky breaks… Jake breaks… Alarms!
    …wait, is this pet peeves thread? :)

    I don’t mind trains, but I don’t live right on top of them. I lived in the brewery district before and the trains would make my stove rattle.

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