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Time Warner Cable down?

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    Did anyone else lose internet, cable and phone service today? It was down here in OTE for 8 hours. I called Time Warner and they said there was a fire somewhere, however there’s been no reports of fires all day..


    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    was fine in german village



    My parent’s house over in Gahanna was fine all day.


    The Hegemo

    No problems in Vic Village.

    Twice now TW has cut off my cable/internet when they were supposed to be switching off a neighbor’s service. If your service doesn’t come back soon, you should keep nagging them about it and make sure that’s not what they’ve done to you…



    It came back around 6pm.. It just makes me realize howmuch I rely on the internets to do daily things, like email, schedule appointments, etc…

    My neighbor works for TW and said that the office was calling him all day trying to get him to come in to work the phones..

    Does Insight Cable use TW lines I wonder?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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