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The Wood Companies Short North Apartment Building - News & Updates

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    jbcmh81 said:
    So your solution is the status quo of the last 60 years that actively worked to destroy these neighborhoods.

    Sooner or later, auto enthusiasts are just going to have to be honest. A large amount of auto-centric infrastructure kills vibrant, urban neighborhoods.

    Exactly, many people seem to have the ideal that people who want mass transit want it just because. As if were some secret cult hell bent against cars. I love the freedom that cars bring. I’d much rather drive most places instead of mass transit. The problem is that it’s just not physically possible to create vibrant neighborhoods AND allow everyone who wants to visit that neighborhood do so with a car. If someone invented a car that reduces to the size of a backpack so you can carry it around I would pretty much stop caring about mass transit. But it just isn’t possible. Every single car takes up about 400 sf of empty wasted space.



    I might add that you need density in order to pay for modern necessities….if a vast majority of land is reserved for vehicles and the infrastructure to support them, you severely diminish your tax base. Suburban areas are eventually going to be cash strapped … Fortunately for now they have a highly affluent class and new construction to bolster the fact that they won’t be able to provide basic services 50 years down the road.



    I would also add that the suburbs use the density of the urban areas to their advantage by sucking tax dollars out of the urban areas.

    Here is a report by the Brookings Institute that studies Ohio’s highway spending. They detail how urban areas pay more into the system than they receive. So basically the the taxes in the urban areas are redistributed to the suburban rural areas.

    Click to access ohiogastax.pdf

    So you’ve got people using tax money from people living in urban areas to subsidize their move to the suburbs and then complaining about the people they’re taking money from wanting to use their own money more efficiently.



    if urban areas require mass transit to patronize.. I GET that… then make it POSSIBLE for peeps like me to USE the mass transit..

    again I will state the already stated many times.. for me to go to the short north from my house (within columbus city limits!!) i must:

    1] walk 2 miles through a non-sidewalked semi truck district..(PRO-LOGIS development)


    1] walk 2 miles on a non sidewalked, non shouldered 45 MPH 2 lane road…(big run south and alkire roads)

    *** can we say DEATH WISH?????? ***

    2] ride the number 15 downtown.(only runs every 30 minutes)

    3] ride any number of high street busses up to SN (easy and convenient)..

    so its VERY DIFICULT for me to utilize this transit magic everyine says I need to use.. and believe me I WOULD use it.. because it means I could maybe have a drink or 2 during my stay in the SN… (I wont drink and drive at all)…

    but reality is in columbus unless you live on a main road.. transit SUCKS..

    and the same issues apply for biking to the bus.. along with the fact often in decent weather the bike rack on the 15 is FULL.. and COTA policy is bye bye wait for the next bus..

Viewing 4 posts - 106 through 109 (of 109 total)

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