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The Value of Urban Street Trees

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    Alex Silbajoris

    Once I heard the city forester say they had 1,200 ash to cut down. ETA or maybe that was 12,000.


    Nancy H

    They do seem swamped. Our street was slated for trimming for electric lines in early July. They trimmed the tree in my front yard (close to the sidewalk) this past Thursday.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    I hope the white spray paint mark for where to plant can make it 2 years…

    Might be worth looking into one of the alternative method (like the DIY + Rebate) route:




    You can also get a permit to plant your own – the city forester can give you ideas for what types of tree will do well in your space.



    When I lived in Wilshire Heights, I not only went ahead and planted my own, I went ahead and landscaped much of the park strip itself with low shrubs, groundcovers, etc and mulch.

    I went by there not too long ago and the tree was cut down, along with several of the very nice street trees that had been planted around the same time by the city(after I had already planted mine). The area looks horrible because many of the very old, large trees in people’s yards were ‘topped’ to the max until they were
    virtually nothing but giant stubs. And surprise!-many of them(which had been perfectly healthy and fine with no signs whatsoever of having any problems like badly angled branches, weak limbs, crossing limbs, etc) soon died from the drastic treatment.

    I would not shed a tear if some of these fly-by-night amateur ‘arborists’ with their quick fix for a quick buck schemes cut their hands off with those chain saws they use do recklessly.


    They City has also been swamped with dead Ash trees – they’ve had to cut down 10′s of 1000′s of them over the past several years. Our neighbor’s pear trees have been marked with a blue X but the City doesn’t expect to get to them for another year since they’re still alive.

    yep. one on my street has ash borers. I debated whether to tell the owner.

Viewing 6 posts - 76 through 81 (of 81 total)

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