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The Seeds of Change: The Missing Link

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    Darren G.

    And, as far as privatizing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is concerned, once this maneuver is complete, the law will be used to protect the crooks that have done the looting since any access to economic records become sealed at that point, being that now these records are legally the private property of the corporation. Hence the push to privatize. So now the crooks have taken over at the same time they present themselves as being the chosen ones that will help save the day. That’s friggin’ nuts! What’s more I would imagine this is all being controlled by the mafia, since unions were started by Teamsters, and Teamsters by the mob. It’s highly unlikely the folks who invented this game ever gave up this money laundering system considering their power and political-economic reach.

    That is the milder version of what I think could be going on in local and national politics at this present point.

    Potentially the more sinister agenda would be to allow the dollar and US economy to collapse, by not reaching an agreement in four days on the debt-ceiling issue, which would be an excuse to destroy the economic records of these welfare institutions, quickly followed-up by the implementation of martial law to prevent massive large-scale civic unrest.

    If such a scenario would emerge, I hope people will gather at the nearest elementary school so that it can be utilized as a communication center to deal with the situation in an orderly way. I hope, of course, this doesn’t turn out to be the case, since that move would represent a fascist takeover of our government in a roundabout way. By the crooks, no less. FTS!


    Darren G.

    This sounds to me like a repeat of how the crooks brokered the banking bailout. And look where we are today, at the precipice of an even bigger collapse.


    Darren G. said:

    Construction oversight will be donated by the Army Corpse of Engineers.


    Darren G.

    The Seeds of Change: Project #2

    Citing “usufruct,” the International Law that gives legal right to use and derive profit or benefit from property that belongs to another person, commandeer a large parcel of unused or otherwise brownstone parking lot for the purpose of developing the nation’s first above ground state-of-the-art urban permaculture garden.

    Garden will be planned as a grid of round plastic kiddie wading pools, approximately four feet in diameter.

    Size of grid and number of garden units will be determined by size of land and/or limited by material costs.

    Compost for garden units will be collected beforehand, with layers of cardboard, newspapers, bricks and worms placed on the bottom of units followed by layers of compost and dirt, in a manner consistent with the permaculture theories of Pennsylvania’s Thomas Zeller.

    Permaculture crop will consist of various staple foods, including green leafy lettuces and root vegetables, as well as a variety of medicinal herbs and savory spices.

    Around the wading pool will be a water collection system.

    This system will be fed by rain water that runs off a mini-biodome cover, that functions as a geodome lid, to in essence create a mini-greenhouse growing environment.

    Inside this bio-lid cover will be a fan attached to white light grow bulbs.

    Each unit will be powered by a small solar powered cell attached to the top of the unit.

    In addition to the fan and grow bulbs, battery will power a computer chip that measures unit’s temperature and gather metrics regarding soil analysis.

    The sprinkler system, connected to the unit’s water collection system, will be pumped manually according to unit specifications–information gathered by unit’s computer chip.

    Portion of unit’s bio-dome cover will be transparent; other portions of a reflective material. In this manner the amount of sun each unit gets can be adjusted by simply rotating the bio-dome lid accordingly, helping to ensure optimal growing conditions in whatever weather conditions.

    With a system like this in place, food on a lattitude such as ours, could easily have a four yield, year-round, growth cycle.

    Savory spices grown can be sold for profit to local groceries and restaurants.

    Food grown can be donated to local food pantries.

    Medical herbs grown can be donated to local alternative medicine free clinics.

    Labor to help maintain gardens can be assigned to non-working foodstamp recipients.

    Design for bio-dome lid and water collection system can be part of a scholastic design competition, with profits from patent going towards establishing a Commons Trust Fund to help off-set material costs.

    Competition to be open to all level of scholastics, with each level determining by school, then by district, then by region, which designs advance to final round of judging.

    Any design that makes it this far becomes blueprint for any industrious, self-organized group that wants to commit the time and effort to mass-produce as many of these bio-dome lids as possible.

    The end result is the total transformation of wasted land space into the nation’s first sustainable, above ground, state-of-the-art urban permaculture garden.

    In theory, if done on a large enough scale, this system could significantly reduce the cost of some otherwise costly welfare programs. To what degree remains to be seen.

    Jason Powell
    Jason Powell

    Holy crap. My brain is melting just TRYING to read these posts.



    This is just either a really brilliant hodgepodge of b.s. or are the very sad rambling of a very disturbed individual. I can’t tell which.



    Even his website is just as incoherent.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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