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    My boyfriend and I moved into The Quarry in May 2012 when it was still owned by Edwards Communities. We have been extremely happy with it, despite others poor reviews. The location is perfect and the complex fits all of our needs.

    However, at the end of 2012 it was purchased by The Connor Group. At first we thought nothing of it, and they gave us an option to bow out of our lease within 6 months if not satisfied. So far all I have noticed is a lack of hot water at night and it’s now hard to get a comfortable room temperature. I have read countless horror reviews, talk of hidden fees, overpriced utilities, raised rent and awful maintenance. We have received our first rent and utility bill since the switch and nothing has yet changed. We planned an living here another year or two, but now I’m getting pretty terrified if we should begin to look somewhere else.

    The Connor Group also owns these Columbus apartments: Arbors of Watermark, Bent Tree, Fairway Lakes, Lakes of Brice, Lexington Park, The Meridian, Northwoods, and River Oaks.

    Any input is much appreciated! Even more helpful if you, or someone you know was living at The Quarry during the switch, or lives in one of their other owned communities. Thank you!



    I know some people who lived at – and left – Arbors of Watermark. The issue was general malaise and lack of care by a nickle and diming management. It is an older complex and maintenance also suffered. This included common areas like the pool. They also tacked in a lot of odd misc fees into their bundled utilities. The turn over was high and this is manifested in their spam listing on places like Craigslist. I have heard similar complaints about The Meridian. Instead of fixing the issues or being proactive, they look for their next transient tenants.

    What also makes this interesting is I can imagine Edwards doing a similar flip of Tribeca (also in the Grandview area) and it ending up being a third tier project run by a third tier organization.

    Tribeca – Edwards Communities Apartments on West Third Avenue



    I have a friend that does the accounting (CPA firm) for Connor Group and he’s always told me never to live in one of their properties. They are extremely cheap and compared to other managers/owners, they do not do upkeep on their properties, similar to what leftovers posted above. Therefore, they are an extremely profitable company, just not good places to live! I’d get out while you can; in my time apartment searching, there are places that are similarly priced if not cheaper that are nicer, better location, etc.



    I have heard similar stories as above from people who have lived in several of their complexes. Since you have time, I would look for more reputable landlords. Moving is a pain so doing your homework is very valuable. As drakend says, you can find some really nice places for what Connor is charging.


    Analogue Kid

    Don’t know anything about the new management company, but protip:

    When you move out (whether sooner or later), make sure the apartment is IMMACULATE. The place must sparkle. Then, take a video of the entire unit, starting outside the front door and walking around and capturing each wall, looking in the fridge, oven, dishwasher, etc. Buy a newspaper that day and make sure it gets on the video with the date visible. Also make sure you keep it rolling in one take; don’t stop and start because they’ll assume it was edited. That way, when they try to deny you the security deposit, you can send them the video and say “what hole in the drywall?”


    Alex Silbajoris

    Derail – there’s an antique here with a funny story. It came with an apartment my parents rented in NYC in the mid-50s. It’s a huge bookcase, and the landlord had a little racket where he would offer to have it hauled off, for a fee, because nobody wanted it.

    When the tenant moved out, he would have the bookcase put back in the empty apartment, to run the scam again on the next tenant. But my parents liked it and kept it, and it’s still here in the house.



    Leftovers, Edwards held on to the Quarry for what 15-20 years?

    Drakend, sounds like your friend doesn’t have an issue violating client privacy haha


    Thanks guys! Any apartments around the same price we should look into?



    I assume if you enjoyed your time with Edwards that you could look at one of their other locations, unless you’re partial to the Grandview area.



    I lived at Meridian, awful!!!!!!!



    Connor Group, Connor Group, hmmm….I think I’ve heard of them.

    See: http://www.rentn.org[/url%5D



    Connor Group is awful.



    I lived at the Arbors of Watermark for two years when I was in my mid-late 20’s and made a ton of great friends and really enjoyed living there. I saw a lot of cool things living by that lake and always had a blast at the pool during the summer. It can be noisy at times but it was worth living there for me.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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