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da leVee

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    I wonder if the owner reads CU?



    Just tried this place this week. It’s pretty damn good.



    Tried it yesterday and found it better than jgumbo’s. I do wish they had a straight up red beans n’ rice dish (like a French Quarter bar would have), or a just chicken ‘n sausage gumbo (minus seafood). Maybe they’ll pop up on the changing menu.

    My question is, will they be broadcasting this daily menu out somewhere that it’s easy to read (hint: twitter)…?


    @Charles Erickson – actually I don’t mind the styrofoam (minus the negative environmental impact). It’s much more typical of how I’ve gotten similar at a NO bar anyhow.



    Kbear919 wrote >>
    I wonder if the owner reads CU?

    Justin hasn’t had much time to sink his teeth into the CU site, or even make his way around the city after coming from Indy. Much of his time has been spent running this one man operation with some far away help coming from family members, offering a little respite; this week his cousin. He’s not only aware of the posts on CU, but on Twitter and Yelp as well. He was really amazed to learn how closely Columbus is connected to social networking sites, so much more so than in Indy.

    I decided that this would be my early dinner spot tonight, as I was taking High Street home in search of an eatery. On the way I stopped in to visit Josh at Tigertree, who gave da leVee the thumbs up.

    Justin and Josh are two birds of a feather and great additions to the Short North; personable, energetic, passionate. They are part of the new guard full of new hopes for a transforming community amongst their long established peers. Just minutes after I was talking to Josh about starting a Diana camera fundraiser for animals, Justin was gushing to his cousin about the vibrancy of the Short North Gallery Hop he’d soon be experiencing.

    It was clear to me that he’s passionate about his food. He want’s you to try what’s on the daily menu board to see what you like best. And if you are divided like I was today, a split order is a great option. The menu items will rotate daily, with at least one item being vegetarian. The gumbo translates to 36 hours of production love and is costly to make, so you won’t find it on the menu every day, as with other items. What you can count on is getting something good everyday.

    I loved his version of gumbo and look forward to a full plate of it another day. But for today I enjoyed the Chili Cheese and Crawfish Etouffee and The B&B (tasty combination of black beans, sweet corn and spices). The garlic bread is soft and tasty disappeared way too quickly. In the near future, he’ll stock Boyland’s sodas, but for now he has a Coke fountain for $1.50, where you serve yourself.

    The interior is pleasantly decorated in a modern motif interspersed with Mardi Gras colors. The main counter is adorned in colorful beads that are synonymous with New Orleans, and love it or hate it, that city can’t exist without da leVee.



    The food is fantastic here! Loved it! Hint: They’ll be on featured Fudha.com in the coming weeks!



    Walked by the other day and was intrigued. It’s nice to see another cajun/creole place open up in mainstream Columbus. Maybe this will get some people to venture to other similar spots around the city. I’m pretty certain the owner from Indy will take to Columbus quickly and maybe even like it better here.


    A couple things:

    The restaurant really is that good and the owner super cool. I was floored that you could get a half plate (which includes rice & bread) for only $4.50. The only thing I didn’t like was the bread, which for some reason grossed me out. That said, my friend scarfed it down and so did everyone else in the restaurant.

    For the record, they also have a bball hoop back by the bathrooms. My high score in 60 seconds was 25. :)

    They are on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Columbus-OH/Da-Levee/339041436995?ref=nf

    And Twitter: @DaLeveeCajun

    To answer an earlier question, they do push out the day’s menu via Twitter.



    I owe him for a meal, but I’ve been out of town for the last week. As soon as I get back in to Columbus I am going to stop by and square up with my debt. I love the food, and the price is fair…



    We stopped in the other day and I was really impressed. Very friendly, personal service. The decor is a bit bare bones, but we didn’t notice or care after our first of many samples- it was all fantastic. My girlfriend, who is a vegetarian, flipped out over the “Spinach and mushroom etouffe (sp?)” and even bought a second order to take home for later. Definitely recommend stopping in to try it out!



    They were closed when we tried to stop in last night, but had a sign saying they reopen from 1:30am-3 for $5 burritos (fri&sat). I just want to say I think it’s awesome to see a small shop like this catering to the bar crowd. Personally I don’t eat that late but smart business idea:)



    we ate here last week and it was great! we will definitely be back

    …pretty excited about the late night eats, the short north really needs that (besides white castle)



    Anyone have a general idea of their weekly hours?



    11ish-8ish during the week I think.



    Stopped in yesterday. After trying the tasty selections, my husband and I both went with the white chicken chili to go. Fantastic. We’ll definitely be back.



    YES! The world needs more Cajun. I can’t wait to try it!!

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