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da leVee

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    Just caught wind that the old Planet Smoothie on High in the SN will be a new Latin/Caribbean place called the Levy. I peeked in, there were sparkle purple and black floors and an older bar painted blue.They said it would hopefully be open in the next week. Anyone else know anything?



    I drove my Chevy there, but it was dry.



    Whiskey and Rye do sound good…


    I guess I was a little off on the spelling
    and the food too…

    da leVee – cajun/creole cuisine

    Maybe, Walker could change the title of this thread for me…

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Fixed. ;)


    Kbear919 wrote >>
    da leVee – cajun/creole cuisine

    sounds awesome..



    I just ate there this afternoon–it’s excellent, cheap, fast cajun food! They have gumbo, red beans & rice, etouffee, and vegetarian options, among other things, all for about $6 an entree. Bring cash. It’s yummy.


    they were giving out tastes today, the they had

    Chili cheese etouffee – nice roux base, creamy, layers of flavor
    Creole Chicken – Tomato based, one dimensional
    Gumbo – straight forward, enjoyable

    6 bucks, served with rice, half and half plates are 7.



    Just had a great lunch there! Try it out.


    Elizabeth Lessner

    Hooray for Short North cheap eats, I’m looking forward to trying this place!



    I have eaten lunch here a few times in the last week. Super good and really cheap. He’ll even give you a little sample of anything you want to try if it’s new to you and you don’t want to commit to a whole meal.



    Do they have ben-yays (sic)?


    This place is awesome. Sure, they have a little ways to go in terms of improving the decor and signage. And yes, the strictly styrofoam cups and plates are annoying (they cannot afford a dishwasher yet to have reusable stuff), but let me clue you in to how great it’s going to get:


    The owner, Justin, is a protégé of Yat’s in Indianapolis. He told me he worked there for 8 years and moved here to open his own place. What’s Yat’s like? You know how on a hot summer night (or almost any night really) Jeni’s Ice Cream has a line down the block? Well that’s Yat’s during the lunch hour.

    I used to visit Indianapolis once a month for my old job and over the course of 5 years I had many meals at Yat’s. It was totally worth a long wait. Just like people said in earlier replies to this post, the food is inexpensive and delicious. And he doesn’t take credit cards. If you don’t have cash, he will write out an IOU and give you the meal on good faith. Seriously.

    There was a bit of buzz recently about the New York Times travel section writing about the Short North… when they wrote about Indianapolis, they wrote about Yat’s.

    Overall, this is a perfect addition to the Short North neighborhood. You will definitely find me there on a regular basis.


    VicVillage Guy

    I just got back from there. Good gumbo. I tried some of the other options and they were all very good as well. Very nice addition to the neighborhood. It’s also really quick if you are getting it to go and in a hurry.


    The food is amazing! I have to agree that the foam plates and plastic forks need to be replaced with something a bit more “green friendly”…it is the Short North and that will turn people off in a second. Over all though, I think this place will be a success with a little tweaking.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 71 total)

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