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    Kasich says opponents will have to answer to “higher power”

    Gov. John Kasich said this morning that those suing him over JobsOhio “are going to have to answer to a much higher power than me” for their legal challenges against his privatized development agency.

    Kasich blasted the liberal policy group and two Democratic lawmakers who originally sued over JobsOhio in April, 2011 and are still seeking answers from the courts, calling them “nihilists” whose lawsuit “is about wrecking Ohio’s economy and destroying people’s jobs.”

    But Kasich, an openly religious man who often cites his faith as a reason for pursuing such initiatives as funding for the poor and job creation, said of his JobsOhio detractors: “These are people who are going to have to answer to a much higher power than me about why they have appealed and appealed and appealed.”



    Now he’ll never be Chris Christie!


    I hate that he keeps moving the State of the State address.




    Kasich gives insights on Medicaid changes
    Jan 31, 2013
    Written by Ann Sanner
    Associated Press

    Ohio Gov. John Kasich dropped hints Thursday about whether he’ll push to expand Medicaid under the federal health care law to cover more poor people in the state. While the Republican governor would not reveal his plans, he did say that he views the expansion decision separately from the law he and others often call “Obamacare” and its mandate for almost everyone to obtain health insurance.

    READ MORE: http://www.marionstar.com/viewart/20130131/NEWS01/301310020/Kasich-gives-insights-Medicaid-changes





    Josh Mandel Urges GOP To Block Kasich Plan To Expand Medicaid
    February 12, 2013
    by The Associated Press

    Ohio’s state treasurer is encouraging fellow Republicans in the Legislature to reject Gov. John Kasich’s proposed expansion of Medicaid. In a letter sent Monday, Treasurer Josh Mandel urged legislative leaders to oppose Kasich’s plan. The GOP governor has framed the move as recapturing Ohioans’ tax dollars from the federal government.

    READ MORE: http://wosu.org/2012/news/2013/02/12/josh-mandel-urges-gop-to-block-kasich-plan-to-expand-medicaid/



    What a complete piece of shit Josh Mandel is. Give up. Go away. Everyone hates you.


    Pro Se

    joev said:
    What a complete piece of shit Josh Mandel is. Give up. Go away. Everyone hates you.

    Cheers to that!





    Poll: Ohio gov. approval best since taking office
    Thursday February 28, 2013 6:15 AM

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A new poll finds that Gov. John Kasich’s job approval rating is its highest since taking office two years ago. It’s also the first time his approval rating has been above 50 percent.

    READ MORE: http://www.10tv.com/content/stories/apexchange/2013/02/28/oh–kasich-poll-approval.html



    Kasich Gets Positive Approval Rating For First Time
    March 1, 2013
    by Jo Ingles
    News Reporter at Ohio Public Radio and Television

    For the first time in two years, Governor Kasich has a positive approval rating in a major poll. The latest Quinnipiac University poll shows his approval rating continues to improve with Ohioans. Quinnipiac University Pollster Peter Brown says there’s good news for Governor Kasich in this most recent poll.

    READ MORE: http://wosu.org/2012/news/2013/03/01/kasich-gets-positive-approval-rating-for-first-time/



    I most certainly wouldn’t bet against him in the next election that’s for sure.



    Lawmakers Ask Business Leaders For Alternatives To Sales Tax Plan
    March 19, 2013
    by Bill Cohen
    Ohio Public Radio Statehouse Reporter

    State lawmakers seem to be at an impasse on Governor John Kasich’s proposal for major cuts in the state income tax and a major broadening of the sales tax to dozens of services.

    READ MORE: http://wosu.org/2012/news/2013/03/19/lawmakers-ask-business-leaders-for-alternatives-to-sales-tax-plan/



    Kasich Continues Push For Budget
    March 21, 2013
    by Karen Kasler
    Statehouse Bureau Chief, Ohio Public Radio and Television

    The governor’s budget is in trouble, and he knows it. Gov. John Kasich is now actively talking up some of the controversial elements of his spending plan as many leaders in his own party continue to line up against it

    READ MORE: http://wosu.org/2012/news/2013/03/21/kasich-continues-push-for-budget/



    Sell a prison, what could go wrong?

    A new report detailing a state inspection of a private prison in Ohio describes gang-related violence so commonplace and drug use so rampant that many guards are afraid to intervene — instead, they are leaving their jobs at an alarming rate.

    The harrowing report released last month on conditions inside the 1,700-bed Lake Erie Correctional Institution describes a tableau of dysfunction, lending confirmation to two previous audits that identified widespread problems at the facility.

    Inmate-on-staff assaults more than quadrupled from 2010 to 2012, according to the inspection report, and inmate-on-inmate assaults nearly tripled during the same timeframe. The number of assaults in 2012 was much higher than the average at comparable prisons in Ohio.

    Owen, the CCA spokesman, pointed out in a statement that the three-year analysis would have included increases in assaults before CCA took over the facility. He also pointed to state data showing that gang activity at the facility had decreased in 2012.

    The state report, however, noted that CCA was possibly under-identifying gang activity at the prison.

    Many inmates and staff interviewed as part of the investigation by the state prison monitor, the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee, said they felt unsafe in the institution.

    The current correctional officer at Lake Erie told HuffPost that management has dissuaded guards from physically intervening when problems start to escalate, giving inmates confidence that they can get away with violations. The current employee said the policies, combined with inexperienced new staffers due to turnover, have allowed gangs to fester and prey on weaker inmates.


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