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The I Discovered A Snack Thread

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    Alex Silbajoris

    OK this is unusual, my Kroger is closing out a Spanish food promotion and I got some jars of this garlic-parsley sauce:


    It is intense. I put a full jar into a batch of pasta and went into overgarlic, which is rare for me. I’ll go back and get more while they still have it.


    Alex Silbajoris

    As I drone slowly through that Kroger, I hover around a kiosk of Ohio products.

    Lo and behold, JB’s Best BBQ ghost pepper sauce out of Athens:

    Nice. It tastes good, nice tomato base, but it takes a few seconds for the 500-pound weight to fall 500 feet onto your head.

    This is what the hottest BBQ sauce at wing places should be. Their hottest offerings are maybe as hot as this (not always) but the salt levels are insane.

Viewing 2 posts - 376 through 377 (of 377 total)

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