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    BCNation wrote >>

    alexs wrote >>

    The Hayden Run Road bridge spanning the Scioto River was an engineering marvel in modern bridges when it was built over 70 years ago. It combines two truss designs, the Warren truss on each end span and a Petit truss in the center. It was designed to carry horse and buggy traffic and farm wagons.

    That same power line is still there.

    It’s a completely different bridge now, having recently crossed over the current bridge.

    The new bridge opened in 1984. I guess you don’t get around town like you used to….=)



    There was a similar bridge where Home Road crossed the river (now replaced). I remember it and loved to go under it as a child when we were boating on the O’Shaughnessy Reservoir. It even had a small brick building about half-way across it.

    And if you are interested in old Ohio steel and iron bridges visit:



    Alex Silbajoris

    On Kenny Road at McCoy, there was Kern’s Farm Market in an old garage next to the Kern house. He grew much of his produce right there, and more was trucked in. How much more local produce has been bulldozed into development all around town? It’s neat that we’re slowly getting back to local gardening.

    BTW they’re winning to keep the community garden at the foot of Grandview Ave., that’s recognized as the site of a WWII victory garden.



    berdawn wrote >>
    The Garage
    Village Junction
    Salvation Army on Front (???) Street

    I agree there has never been another club like the garage!!


    1. When television was much simpler..we only had 4 channels: 4,6,10 and 34.
    2. All the radio station’s were AM.
    3. Les Brown running for City Council and call his Mother for her endorsement and her urge for Columbus to “Vote for my son, he’s a good man!”–everyday.
    4. Jerry Hammond. KC Jones Baby. Buck Reinhart. Lushetka. Otto Beatty. Fritz The Nite Owl. Flippo the Clown.
    5. Neighborhood’s where everybody knew each other.
    6. Northland Mall was an outside Mall (by the way it was the 1st covered Mall in the US). The C&S Lounge. Mount Vernon Ave. When the Fair cost $2.00 and ALL the rides were free! The deli/restaurant in Downtown Lazarus. You had to walk outside and up temporary steps to get on your plane at Port Columbus.
    7. Northern Lights Shopping Center was a destination and the home of Big City Gameroom. Stelzer Rd. was 2 lanes.
    8. Bussing. All Black (damn near) Catholic grade schools and parishes.
    9. You couldn’t find a parking space for 2 blocks on the weekend near Linden Park.
    10. My 1st foray into the Hospitality Industry: Steak & Ale @ Morse and Maize..and Morse Rd. only had 2 lanes in each direction!

    Damn, I’m getting old!!!


    For the really “ancient” among you… BBF restaurants.. “Everybody’s going to the BBF, at the whirling satellite.”




    BMX! In ’80s-early ’90s Groveport all us kids were into BMX bigtime. A few of the older kids knew some tricks, but us younger kids just ramped off stuff and raced around. It was always the raddest to get a lift over to COBRA (the BMX track in Heer Park on the South Side) in the back of a mini truck and run around on that. Back then there was a lot more unmanaged land on the South Side such as the trails behind COBRA that has a water plant or something on it now. Then there was also the area that’s now Three Creeks Park which we called Badlands where you’d push your bike down some train tracks to get to trails. We got to dodge motocross bikes and three-wheelers on the trails there; none of us had motorized stuff since we lived in town. Most of the unmanaged land in Central Ohio got taken over by official entities in the ’90s.


    munchichi02 wrote >>
    For the really “ancient” among you… BBF restaurants.. “Everybody’s going to the BBF, at the whirling satellite.”

    Don’t forget Marzetti’s famed Jonny Marzetti and Teresa Marzetti. Big Bite, the pita bread fast food joint and GD Ritzy’s, hamburgers and ice cream oringinal location on Livingston where the Happy Dragon is.



    I think it’s awesome that so many of you mentioned Flippo the Clown – the man was my grandfather, and it’s interesting to see how he affected and contributed to the community, especially since I really only got to see him from a family-member point of view. He used to scare the crap out of me in his clown suit, so I’m glad he had a positive effect on others. Very cool :)

    I’ve been here all of my 29 years, so I do have a few memories of Columbus Past that I miss:

    (1) Going to Kahiki for dinner before Prom
    (2) Shopping at City Center. Jacobson’s. Marshall Fields.
    (3) Former South Campus, including The Spot Bar and Panini’s South. Zigs on 15th.
    (4) Playing in the fountains (I know, gross) at Northland Mall, thinking it was the best place on earth.
    (5) Polaris Amphitheater
    (6) Mr. Tree – the talking tree at Lazarus, during Christmas time when they had all of the animatronic displays
    (7) Lane Avenue, when it was a mall. I loved the pet store.
    (8) Service Merchandise on Sawmill Road.
    (9) Redzone, Glow, Mecca, Enigma, Fabric… these provided some amazing nights during a wilder time in college :)
    (10) Brewmaster’s Gate
    (11) Barrister Hall. Used to love to order a cigar and a neat bourbon and listen to jazz.
    (12) Wendy’s before Dave Thomas died and the company was turned upside-down.



    Jai Lai
    Peaches record store
    Stache and Little Brothers
    IHOP on campus
    Crazy Mama’s
    Jimmy’s Place in German Village
    Max and Erma’s (burgers, hotdogs only)
    Village Junction



    You probably need to be at least 50 to remember these:
    – Zayre Stores
    – Beverly Drive-in
    – Everglades Drive-in
    – Winko Lanes
    – Miles Drive-in theater
    – Westinghouse on Philipi
    – Buckeye Potato Chips
    – Big Bear Store #1, on Lane Ave, used to be a roller rink.
    – General Motors, then Fisher Body, then Delphi, then the Casino
    – Can’t remember the name of the bowling alley (now flea market) across from Westland Mall.



    A couple more….
    – A&P at Great Western Shopping Center
    – Nationwide Auto Parts
    – Home Quarters, then Hechingers


    The old trash-burning power plant.



    Wow, all you people are old, because I don’t remember seeing an IHOP, Isaly’s, A&P, Westinghouse, Jai Lai, or Village Junction. And I’ve been here most of my life.

    – Those Kahiki torches
    – Thurn’s Bakery
    – Otterbein COLLEGE (not University, COLLEGE)
    – Fisherman’s Wharf was where the vacant lot across from the Bexley Gateway is
    – The old Town Street Bridge
    – Franklin Park being gated off and you had to pay $ 25 to get in and see the “magic” that was Ameriflora. (yeah, it was that bad)
    – COTA local fare was $ 1 or $ 1.25. In a couple years, it will be $ 2. And the buses stopped running at 10 at night (or at least Saturday) and 6 on Sundays.
    – Davis Performing Arts Programs, when it was fully run by the City Recs & Parks Department

    – Whatever happened to Hechinger’s? I was riding the # 11 a couple months ago from the Eastland area, and went past where it used to be.
    – And Delphi. Whenever I rode the bus out west, there it stood. And now it’s an empty lot.



    and add Dunkin Donuts at the Corner of Broad and High to all of our lists

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