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The DJBC Happy Hour - 2014 Edition

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    I was tinkering with calling this the “2014 WCRS” thread if this gets too narrow/broad, but The DJBC Happy Hour turned 100…episodes old at the end of 2013, and tomorrow night (and next Monday) are a look back at the first 100 episodes.

    In Part 1 – highlights of The Holidays and Politics from the show.

    Part 2 – highlights of Sports (mostly OSU football), Columbus, and whatever I can cram into 59 minutes, because the acknowledgements segment is at the end.

    Last week’s show featured music from 1964, and last Tuesday, a special podcast on the show’s blog highlighted the headlines from 1964: http://djbcadventures.tumblr.com/post/73313216801/the-djbc-happy-hour-recap-express-1964-the

    The DJBC Happy Hour airs every Monday night at 8PM on WCRS-FM, at 102.1 and 98.3 FM, and streaming online at http://www.wcrsfm.org.



    Last night’s show was The Beatles, in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of their first North American appearance, which included two Ed Sullivan appearances (one in NYC, the other in South Beach, back-to-back weeks). Go to http://www.wcrsfm.org to download it.

    – Next Monday – For Valentine’s Day, ’80s Love Songs
    – February 17 – Music from the British Invasion era of Music (The DJBC British Invasion Happy Hour)
    – February 24/March 3 – Academy Awards Preview/Recap, respectively

    After the Oscar shows, is a three-week break, which includes a re-broadcast of the St. Patrick’s Day Show from 2012 on St. Patty’s Day, March 17.



    The Spring Shows (April/May/June) are being conceived/planned after I put the Oscar shows to rest. May 12, May 19, and June 2 are the three open dates at this point. Everything else has been filled (including Bye Weeks).

    May 5’s theme will have something to do with it being the 5th of May (i.e. Cinco de Mayo).



    I haven’t been on in a while, but tomorrow night’s show features 18 songs with colors in their titles.

    Next week will be an encore of The DJBC Beatlemania Happy Hour, which was one of the best-produced shows in the 3-year history of the show.

    In two weeks, will be the 4th Annual July 4th Show*. July will have TWO Christmas in July shows, one July 7, and the other on its normal (last week of July) slot, July 28.

    *- Weather permitting, after the Derecho/COTA soap opera from 2 years ago, I am planning my crises accordingly with this show.



    Heading to Comfest? Those were my own $ .02.

    I also recommend reading this.

    And I am busy producing next week’s show, which is the 4th Annual July 4th Show.



    In case you missed it on Monday night, this year’s The Bryan Awards kicked off (and they conclude on Monday).

    August 18th will preview the Emmy Awards, and will be the last new show for a month, because August 25 is the Emmy Awards, and I don’t want to have a new show compete against the Emmys, and Labor Day (September 1).

    August 25th will be a repeat that is half-TV, half-music (“TV Themes from the 1980s” from August 2012)

    September 1st/Labor Day will be a re-packaged version of last year’s Thanksgiving Show (In case you’ve never listened to the show, The Thanksgiving Show also doubles as the preview of the Ohio State/Michigan football game).

    The show will return on September 22 with a (two-part) trip back 30 years to 1984, with songs from the year, and headlines (both local – which takes a lot of work, and national).



    It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, but 2015 is going to be a big year for the show. More details will come over the next several months. I hope to kick off our 5th anniversary with the Bryan Awards next summer (Dates TBA).

    In two weeks, Santa Claus and his wife are the guest co-hosts.

    In three weeks, the best of the year. What were the ten biggest headlines, both locally and elsewhere?



    Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been super busy.

    Right now on the show, “1975 – Music, etc.” – http://www.wcrsfm.org/content/148a-1975-music-and-headlines-part-1-2

    Part 2 will air next week. The whole two hour podcast will be posted as early as tomorrow.




    Okay, I haven’t been on this thread for the last eight months. No, the show hasn’t been cancelled (but we just started a six-week hiatus, more on that coming up). I’ve just been super busy the last several months, balancing many things, other than this show.

    The next four weeks, four of my favorite shows will air weekly. Last night, we kicked things off with an edited down re-broadcast of # 36, which was a preview of the 200Columbus Bicentennial Weekend. For the next four weeks, the show that will air will be revealed on the WCRS FM Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/wcrslpfm) at Noon on each Monday, until April 4.

    The show’s Anniversary Show will air on April 18, and planning is underway for it.

    These shows for 2016 are nailed down:
    April 11 – A re-broadcast of the very first show on WCRS
    April 18/25 – Anniversary Show
    June 27 – July 4th Preview
    July 4 – July 4 TBA
    July 18/25 – Christmas in July
    September 12 – Emmys Preview (confirmed on my show’s Facebook page this morning; I’ll also preview the B*ckeyes impending loss to Oklahoma that weekend, as well; http://www.facebook.com/thedjbch2o)
    November 21 – Thanksgiving/THE Game Preview

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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