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The Crest Gastropub

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    Mister Shifter

    Hope nobody minds me creating a topic for the messageboard. I know this has been discussed a little bit elsewhere in the site, but I thought it deserved a little bit more. I’m by no means a restaurant reviewer, just offering my thoughts in case anyone was curious.

    I stopped in tonight on a whim. My wife and kids had left town to visit family and I was home alone, I skipped lunch today and was starving. I thought I’d treat myself after a friend recommended I check it out.

    I went around 7pm. I think every seat, inside and out was rammed full. I took the lone seat empty seat at the very end of the (large) bar area. The interior is a great mix of rustic woods & metals, plenty of seating, jukebox was playing music at a reasonable level. Overall a really pleasing place to grab a beer after work, or even to take a date for something fun & casual.

    Despite how busy the place was the service was extremely prompt and courteous, and the food came with almost no delay (appetizer less than a minute, entree took about three minutes).

    The menu is very simplified, I’m guessing they’ll expand as they get more settled. They have a nice little “bar snacks” portion of the menu that I found very cool (priced at $3 each). It’s nice when you want something to start off with when you’re dining alone, but don’t want to splurge on a full-on appetizer. This portion consisted of pub chips (with parmesan, truffle oil & rosemary), an olive plate, house roasted nuts, and a pickle jar (with jicama, cornichon & carrots). I opted for the pub chips and they were very good. I took half of them home with me, but shamefully I’ll admit they didn’t last the trip back home on 315. Nom.

    For an entree I tried the Pork Sliders, recommended by the bartender. They were also outstanding, complimented by a Brothers Drake Honey Oak BBQ sauce and local pork. The buns, which were smaller versions of what the burgers were being served on were also fantastic.

    The beer list also featured a very large selection of Ohio drafts, which I was quite pleased to see. I had the Barleys ‘Chupacabra’, an imperial brown ale that was so good. Kudos to the folks at Barley’s on this one. Damn.. I need more of that beer in my life.

    I’ll definitely stop back to try some of the burgers (and beers). I overheard someone at the bar talking about the addition of pizzas sometime in the near future. Overall, an emphatic recommend.

    Here’s a snap of the beer list:




    Thanks for the review. Really looking forward to checking this place out. Clintonville deserves A LOT more of this.



    was your food served on a cutting board?


    Mister Shifter

    groundrules said:
    was your food served on a cutting board?

    It was. I’m pretty sure all sandwiches and burgers are.



    I’m looking forward to the dust settling so my family can check it out. Teh internetz won’t tell me-does anyone know if they take reservations?

    Thank-you for the kind words about Chupacabra. The description on that menu isn’t very detailed. We sourced a lot of cacao nibs from Finca Chocolate[/url], a farm in Puerto Rico with roots in the Hocking Hills, and put in all the vanilla beans that North Market Spices had. It seems to be a hit.



    Mister Shifter said:
    It was. I’m pretty sure all sandwiches and burgers are.

    creepy or no? i imagine after a year or so…



    I wonder if they got their cutting board idea from The Breslin in NYC. Note the way their lamb burger (which got a lot of press a couple of years ago) is served:




    Um, now I have to go back and drink a chupacabra. As if I needed another reason. :)

    0Angle: no reservations (at least not yet) Wait time for a table of 4 on Sunday evening was 45 min to an hour…hoping that chills out once the dust settles.

    Husband and I have been twice already…we were really impressed with the food and now that all 60 taps are up, we certainly won’t run out of things to drink. Believe the sandwiches and salads are served on the cutting boards; saw some of the appetizers come out on plates. Service has been a little slow both times we’ve been there but we expect that to smooth out over the next couple months…and the place was SLAMMED on Sunday.

    Love this place!



    The new owner seem to be staying engaged with the community. According to the Crestview area Neighbors site CAC commissioner Rob Wood has arranged a meeting between the owners and neighbors to “discuss concerns.”[/url]


    Corrin Radd

    Yeah, I went last week and the place is great. The place looks fantastic, the sweet potato fries are nearly perfect, and the beer list (plus happy hour prices) is impressive. If they’d kept the old Crestview Tavern’s juke box, it would be a slam dunk. I’ll be returning with my wife and kid.



    First time (a few days after opening)- 45 min wait on food, over cooked burger, too many people, service sketchy.

    Last Thursday- perfect service, awesome food, atmosphere was comfortable.

    This is a good spot and they are making quick strides to deal with opening pains. At this point I would recommend.


    Gil Ligg

    I would HIGHLY recommend this place. The bbq pork sliders were delicious. The other food looks great. The only negatives are that it doesn’t have a chicken sandwich and the wait for a patio table was over 2 hours.

    Clintonville definitely needs more places like this.



    Restaurant Review: The Crest Gastropub
    Published on May 22, 2013 10:00 am
    By: Miriam Bowers Abbott

    The Crest Gastropub is swarming with customers. They’re everywhere, sitting at the bar, perched on the patio, standing around… standing in the parking lot waiting to get inside the joint. You can’t blame them, really. It’s a beautiful island on Indianola: an airy, rustic-slash-industrial spot with a big list of beers. Who wouldn’t want to go hang out?

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    Restaurant review: The Crest has lots of promise
    By G.A. Benton
    From the May 30, 2013 edition

    This was a hard review to write. See, throughout a month of dining at the rebooted and usually packed Crest Gastropub (nee Tavern), every visit was a different experience — but an uneven one. Also, like all Clintonvillians, I want this transformed-from-crusty-old-dive-to-sparkling-new-“gastropub” upstart to succeed — hell, thrive — as an alternative to driving to all those Short North fun spots. Yet the only consistency I can report on is that eating here always reminded me of window-shopping at a stylish clothes store where all the stuff looks great, and you know it’s well-made, but when you step inside and try things on, nothing perfectly fits.

    READ MORE: http://www.columbusalive.com/content/stories/2013/05/30/restaurant-review-the-crest-has-lots-of-promise.html



    Went in last week for happy hour. Didn’t try the food, but as stated above the beer selection is extensive with good variety. What caught me the most with the place was the people. Students, young professionals, retirees, young families–so a good representation of Clintonville. Glad to have this place in the neighborhood.

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