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The Bourbon Thread

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    It’s all about the ice and the right amount and the timing.<br>
    We done a neat little experiment where we sampled 3 different bourbons. First flight was neat (no ice); the bourbon was just what you would expect, pretty hot and strong flavors of cinnamon. Second round we used just a chip of ice and let it start to melt just a bit, this time the bourbon was not as hot and we noticed some different flavors could be that it was just a little cooler, but the caramel and vanilla flavors were more pronounced. Third flight we added another piece of ice, this one a bit larger and we let it sit a wee longer. This round the bourbon took on a more boozy taste, you could really taste the alcohol.<br>
    His point was that the right amount of ice at the right time can improve the experience.



    Sorry it was last year in Louisville. We stopped at a small store that also had a bar and just happened to be owned by the president of the Louisville Bourbon Society. So he knew a thing or two about it. It’s a cool little shop to stop into if you’re down that way. It’s on Market Street downtown.
    Fun place and you’ll get an education, the owner is eager to talk about bourbon and share his knowledge.


    Alex Silbajoris

    The new year begins.



    Love that one from Oyo!

Viewing 4 posts - 541 through 544 (of 544 total)

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