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The Best Thing I Ever Ate - Columbus Edition

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    I just went to Kitchen Little in the North Market today, and I have to say their food is wicked good.

    I had cassoulet and a side of buttery, fluffy mashed potatoes (who can say no to mashed potatoes?) I’m in heaven!

    Now it’s your turn to share some of your favorite food in Columbus!

    Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson

    Yau’s Spicy Salted Squid
    The lengua at La Michocana on Morse Rd.
    Rossi burger and fries…best burger in Columbus and my fave meal under 10 bucks
    Nida’s heart attack roll and pad thai
    Surly Girl Veggie Melt

    I of course love a lot of swankier stuff around town, but those will always be my go-to faves.



    That’s it! Make me drool! I love, love, love food :)



    Tip Top – Eggplant Fries
    Marcella’s – Veal Meatball



    Green chile stew at Chile Verde
    Spicy cilantro sauce at El Arepazo (as far as condiments go)



    Yau’s curry beef stew rice noodle soup
    Taste of Bali’s rendang, jackfruit, telur balado
    Yoshi’s bara sushi
    Lavash’s spicy black bean hummus
    Crescent Bakery’s curry bread

    I want to list more… but I’m afraid I’ll have to go eat something now.



    Graffiti Burger.

    OK, probably not the best thing I ever ate, but I’ve been so addicted I’ve been eating one a week while on this diet as my sole cheat food…I like it that much.



    The Bianca from BONOPizza. There are other pizzas I like but I’d propose to the Bianca if I weren’t already married.



    Just about anything from Kihachi. If pushed for one thing, I’d go with the uni. Or the ankimo. Or the otoro. Or… shit, like i said – just about anything.

    On the completely opposite side of the cost spectrum, my current addiction is the bun thit nuong at Luc’s[/url].

    Jimmy Mak
    Jimmy Mak

    The “vieiras” (dish of sauteed scallops served in a cream sauce of bacon, mushroom, dates and baby lima beans) at Barcelona was one of the most delicious dishes I’ve ever had.

    The Carne Asada at El Arepazo (with extra cilantro sauce of course) is also heaven in my mouth.

    Damn it, now I’m hungry!



    Nam Tok from Bangkok on Refugee Rd.
    Pork belly appetizer from Sage
    Almost any of the dim sum from Sunflower (Just can’t feel the love for chicken feet).



    Jeni’s. Everything from Jeni’s.



    tourist19 wrote >>
    Jeni’s. Everything from Jeni’s.

    I was going to say that, but just figured it went without saying ;-)

    I’d also add any pizza I’ve had from Bono (I try to do a different one each time and have lost track of the names).



    Here are a few of my favorite things….

    Chicken barg at Jeddo Kebab[/url]
    Gringa’s at Los Guachos
    Grilled Pork chop at Luc’s[/url]
    Bibim bap at Arirang[/url]
    Bahn Mi at Mi Li
    Smoked pork chops from Thurns
    Pecan nieves at Las Delicias
    Blackstrap praline from Jeni’s
    Tempura or sushi or anything at Kihachi
    White anchovy or beet sandwich at Cafe Corner
    Amaretti cookies at Pistacia Vera
    Falafel and pita pies at Salam bakery[/url].


    Mister Shifter

    My favorite items in town off the top of my head.

    1. Gyro from Gyro Shoppe on Henderson Rd. Perfect everything (pita, meat, and sauce are top-notch).

    2. Fajita Quesadilla from El Vaquero. HUGE, gooey cheese, grilled peppers, onions & mushrooms. I realize this restaurant can be polarizing, but I love them, and this dish has kept me coming back for years.

    3. Chicken Moretti from Moretti’s on Sawmill Rd. Breaded chicken with mushrooms on awesome freshly made fettuccini noodles in a rich cream sauce. Total heart-attack food, insanely delicious.

    4. Italian sub from Tommy’s Pizza or Iacono’s. Extra banana peppers, please.

    5. Lamb Korma from Taj Mahal or Amul India. My favorite indian dish. Gimme some garlic naan to dip in the sauce please.

    6. Anything from The Refectory. Every thing I’ve ever eaten there has completely blown my mind.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 85 total)

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