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Sunflower Mural Harms Hillard

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    lol – I’m a mess.



    Damn Graffiti!

    I can’t see how that violates zoning laws as there is no marketing involved period let alone any that breaches the size limit needed for a permit and prior approval. This kind of thing comes down to the public perception and how the mayors court deals with such instances.

    I think it”s a crime to tell your neighbor that a painting of a flower is a bad thing and really feel for the pathetic fuckers that want to make a stink of this very minor situation.



    I would totally go sit under this mural today and pretend it was spring.



    JonMyers wrote >>
    lol – I’m a mess.

    Seems like you’re not the only one, haha. Still got two threads going on this.



    I’m going to paint a mural of kittens and big-eyed babies in the Short North. And then install a Precious Moments sculpture garden. I mean… c’mon… who doesn’t like kittens and babies?

    fyi, the $150 fine thing is a standard type of fine for code violations– I suspect there isn’t a sunflower mural task force out there. and this mural is apparently in the historic district, which often have guidelines regarding appropriate historic paint colors that can be used.

    This kind of fight is a lose-lose for everyone involved. Ultimately, Hilliard, no matter how inoffensive the mural may be, will have to enforce its zoning ordinance. It’s just a shame that the homeowner didn’t work with the local government *before* painting the mural, to make this a win-win situation. Clearly, as so many of the Short North businesses have done, public art can be accomplished within a historic district successfully.



Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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