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Suggestions for Sat night dancing - Arena District

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    Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson

    greenhouse1014 wrote >>
    White folks are never scary.




    Tongue was firmly in cheek.



    I can’t even see the picture, but I’m pretty sure you’re showing orange people.

    Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson

    I fixed it…and under the orange…they’re white. And I’m terrified.



    Well, again, they ARE from Jersey. Almost anybody from Jersey scares me.



    Orange is the new black.



    LOL! K, since I derailed the thread I feel like I should get it back on track. I agree with osulew, skully’s would be your best bet for dancing. I’ve always liked going there on Thursdays for ladies 80’s. This all depends on what music you like of course. And Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great time.


    the cruise director wrote >>
    I’m celebrating my 30th birthday on Saturday, and really want to go out dancing (it’s been way too long, and I won’t succumb to “getting too old”). We’ll be in the Arena District for dinner/drinks, so I’d like to stay in that area to minimize driving. It seems to me that most places are overrun with young 20-somethings… I wish there was somewhere more for the 30s crowd….

    Assuming you are a girl, I’d recommend Q, downtown. Had a blast the last few times I’ve been there. Not sure what Axis is like these days but it can be pretty fun on a busy night. Although, I suppose if you are looking to hook up with someone, those might not be the best recommendations.


    coolbuckeye wrote >>
    Thug crowd? Why dont you just say black people.

    My thoughts exactly.


    one of my favs



    Actually, I figured someone would misinterpret “Thug” crowd for black but figured I’d let it happen first. I was actually going to clarify it in my original post.
    There are plenty of black people at Callahans, but the “Thug” crowd I am referring to come in all colors. If you don’t already know that you simply have never been to Callahans

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)

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