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Stay-at-home Dads?

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    Does anyone know of any active stay-at-home dads groups here in Columbus?

    Due to the national economic situation, I have found myself unemployed and playing the role of stay-at-home parent. I figured there has to be more guys out there in my same situation. I have been looking in other sources online, but haven’t found anything “active”.

    I have seen the “readership” (<—don’t even know if that is a word) of this site become so diversified over the years, I was hoping there may be some CU regulars out there that could be of assistance. Any suggestions or references would be much appreciated.

    ***Just as an additional note: While I am definitely looking forward to the day I re-gain employment and return to work, being a stay-at-home parent is pretty cool stuff.***



    Boyd said >>
    ***Just as an additional note: While I am definitely looking forward to the day I re-gain employment and return to work, being a stay-at-home parent is pretty cool stuff.***

    Someone on CU will probably point you to some groups, but I can assure you it is more prevalent than a lot of people think(stay at home Dads.) And there are so many men who wish they had more time with their kids. In fact I think surveys have verified that it is one of the greatest regrets many working Dad’s have. I had that opportunity, and feel very fortunate. What a hoot it was.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    I am a “Work-from-home Dad”, which isn’t too far off.

    I don’t really know of any specific groups, but I do have a few friends with small kids in similar flexible work situations who are also looking to spend some time doing fun “Dad” stuff (COSI, pool, parks, etc) during the middle of the day, so that helps to add some interaction both for dads and kids alike.

    I have mentioned to a few friends who are moms & dads that it would be nice to have some sort of more formal Downtown/Urban-Neighborhood parent group to schedule events with. Would be nice for a babysitting network as well, as I’m regularly finding myself looking for a sitter for an hour or two while I run off to a meeting with a client.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on setting up this type of thing?



    I was a stay-at-home dad in the early ’90’s for 4 years. I couldn’t find work after college an my wife had a great job so it made sense. It took me a few months to get over some male bs about having to be the breadwinner and I think my inlaws thought I was a slacker for a while. But once I got into it my daughters and I had a great time. I don’t think there were any dad groups at the time and I felt somewhat shuned by the moms at the playground (no coupon poker games!). Hopefully that has changed by now. Today I’m very grateful to have had a somewhat unique experience with my kids. Good luck!



    It is kinda wierd interacting with the moms out there at the mall playland(or park) and other places like that. It seems like they are often unsure and uncomfortable with a man (other than THE dad) being around their kids. I guess that is somewhat understandable.

    It’s also a little wierd thinking about “investing” in friendships with women who aren’t mutual friends of both me & my wife. It’s not like we have trust issues or anything like that … it’s just something that I’ve never engaged in before. I feel like it would be easier to meet & engage with other dads.

    I think I have definitely settled in to the “Dad” role very well, but finding the other-than-child interactions has definitely been a challenge.

    Like I said originally, if anyone out there knows of a group of dads getting together … or would like to start a group that gets together at some park on a semi-regular basis … shoot me an PM on here.



    I’ve brought up the idea of a “Bike n’ Brunch” for stay-at-home/work-at-home parents with Yay Bikes. If anyone is interested on working something out, shoot me a PM as well.


    I’m a work from home mom. I would love to start a meetup with other CU users, dads & moms alike. PM me if interested :)



    Sprout Soup in Clintonville hosts a Dad’s Coffee on Sat mornings.


    I would also dig a downtown network of SAH/WAK parents.


    Another CU member and I are going to be at COSI this Wednesday, October 7, at 11:00 am for a play date. We’ll meet at the entry to the Little Kidspace. Here[/url] is their webpage, and you can PM me with any questions. Current, future, and prospective parents/children welcome :) Hope that more folks can make it!



    Thought I would revive this thread since I’m now in the stay-at-home dad category and have kid who is more and more interested in getting out and doing things (he just turned one).

    Anyone have current info on a stay-at-home dads group? The Columbus Dads group that shows up in searches doesn’t seem to be active.



    @ Boyd

    im actually about to be a stay at home dad! i am self employed and luckily have the ability to work from home while the mom gets back to her office. however i am looking for a good sitter on occasions that i need to travel or have meetings at my office if anyone has any suggestions:)

    that being said, i would love to find a stay at home dad group!

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    I was one today. ;) Been thinking a bit about an “urban” parenting group lately. Would be fun to meet more people and get together for kid-oriented fun on a regular basis.



    I’ve been a most of the time stay at home dad/part time wage earner for the last 10 years. This year I’m working full time and can’t believe how I took for granted all that time with the kids. I met a lot of other stay at home dads at classes/school. One of them now is even working with me part-time. Can’t say enough good things about the city’s Park & Rec department. Gymnastics/art classes are great for those as young as 1 &1/2. Parents can talk to other grown-ups, and kids learn-everybody wins!



    Gary Allison is a stay at home/ homeschooling dad who runs the Simply Living playgroup. You might enjoy getting to know him through that group: http://www.simplyliving.org/playgroup



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