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Starting a new life in CBUS: gyms, neighborhoods, etc.

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    Tori Anne

    I live on the edge of OTE. There is most of the stuff you mentioned in OTE and Franklin Park (yoga, coffee, parks) and I am also very close, like long walk close, to more options in Bexley and Downtown.

    We vet our dog in German Village and it is pretty convenient to get there from here by car.

    You’ll want to hang out here first. Some people are uncomfortable with Near East but I think I would be uncomfortable in Grandview and they are very different neighborhoods. You’ll figure out it out after a couple afternoons in both areas.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    If you’re still interested in OTE, I’d recommend staying as close to Oak St & Parsons as you can.

    There are parts of Oak Street that are still somewhat sketchy, though it’s changing rapidly.

    Bryden is mostly a great street. Broad is fine too.

    There’s lots of great homes around Franklin Park as well, which is very far from Parsons.

    Frankly, the area is so big that it has more room for discrepancies between what is nice and what it not. It’s probably the only neighborhood that still has the biggest extremes of finding half-million-dollar mansions within close proximity of run-down abandoned homes on the auction block for under $20k.

    From an amenities standpoint though, I don’t see OTE coming anything close to 5xNW/Grandview anytime soon. OTE just doesn’t have the commercial structures or commercial corridors that those other areas do. A fully revitalized OTE in the future will have more in common with German Village, which is largely residential with small bits of retail/restaurant sprinkled throughout the neighborhood rather than concentrated on one main spine.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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