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Star Lanes bowling alley coming to Polaris

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    Funny that you mention that Neo. Ultimately, location may wind up being Star Lanes downfall. The one at the Newport on the Levee is part of an entertainment complex, a destination. The one at Polaris is pretty much by itself, isolated from other venues.

    I believe a place such as Star Lanes needs to be surrounded by other areas that are heavy in other various entertainment options and accessible to lots of foot traffic.

    Easton would have been a good choice but I also believe the Arena District could have worked because of the variety of entertainment options and the foot traffic generated by events and the increasing amount of living space in the area.

    If the lanes were connected to the mall itself, I’d say it’d have a better chance.

    And just looking at the area, D&B does games and the bar scene better and Magic Mountain does the family and kids option better, and arguably, the games too. The food is not likely to stand out because the competition in the area is wildly fierce and the bar area loses to places such as The Pub and Tilted Kilt. And what you have left is the bowling..and because of the lane size, it is very limited.

    In the northern area of Columbus, bowling is served primarily by Sequoia Bowl, Capri Lanes, The Palace, and Sawmill Lanes. All of these can serve many more patrons at a time, are much more flexible in options, have serviceable bars in some, and food to stuff your gut if you so desired. In comparing SL to the others, I get the feeling that it caters only to casual bowlers.

    And I’ll wrap up with this, who is Star Lanes trying to cater to? They allow kids during the day but they have to be with a 25+ adult after a certain time. It looks like they want to cater to families but also target the adult (drinking/partying) scene. At least at night, it doesn’t look very family at all with all of the drinking and cavorting. This place is going to have a miserable time surviving if they are relying on the adult crowd to frequent here at this particular location during the evenings.



    Star Lanes is boutique bowling with The Point restaurant. Our food menu was created with an executive corporate chef, who currently oversees the preparations. We offer dine in service, as well as lane side because we cater to children and adults equally.


    larinachen said:
    an executive corporate chef

    Who is apparently no longer there.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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