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Squared's Tony Fairchild talks vinyl, mastering the Craft of DJing, and Sound

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    “First, music inspires, stimulates and opens my mind to new ways of perceiving reality or giving shape and sound to a reality that may only exist in your head. Dance music, techno in particular, tends to either paint a picture of the reality in which the artist exists or create an alternate reality that the artist has dreamt up. Detroit techno is the textbook example of the first; guys writing tracks about the decaying, technology-driven city in which they lived. The whole minimal-Perlon-Ricardo Villalobos camp really exemplifies the second; guys writing tracks to give shape to some exotic alternate reality or future that exists in their head. Both approaches allow me to experience realities and aesthetics that aren’t my own and open my mind to a bigger world of ideas than the one I naturally inhabit. It’s a great experience to listen to a piece of music that conjures up the image of another time and place in your mind.” — Tony Fairchild

    Local DJ Tony Fairchild was kind enough to answer some questions and put together a mix for all of us. He does an excellent job weaving together tracks and ideas from the last 20-25 years of dance music. I think the result is very special. I hope you enjoy his words, his sounds, and my meditations on the importance of our inner music compasses in our highly mediated age.

    Read the Interview and listen to the mix Here

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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