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Sprint Network Reception in Columbus

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    [quote=1023571]I have had sprint for 10 years and it was great until November… some weeks it is decent (but rarely 4g) and other weeks half of my calls are dropped and/or i receive my text messages and voicemails days later. Depending on who you talk to at Sprint the tower upgrades will be done in just a few weeks or later this year…[/quote]

    I agree. It will be a year in August since I first started seeing LTE indicator light up inside the outerbelt and a couple of months after that things started to go downhill

    I’ve been trolling some of the internet forums and from what I can gather, Sprints tower upgrades now involve completely gutting the tower and completely re-installing multi-band equipment. While this is happening, the tower is either off-line or operating on what is like a back-up or legacy generation type radio. Then there is the wait for FCC clearance to turn on the new radios, and backhaul fiber, which they are having trouble getting reliable service on. Sprint doesn’t own the fiber, they have to buy it from companies like AT&T.




    I started noticing a very erratic signal meter after the last Android update about a week or so ago. I updated the PRL and it helped a little but the meter is still flashing between a full set of bars and 2 or 3 bars when the signal is not that good. Not sure whether your Kindle has a PRL software that can be updated.

    well it’s been years since the software was updated in this.

    I’m also not talking about the “bars”, I’m talking about a debug mode status display that shows the signal (in db) coming off the radio, and the current state of negotiation with the tower (idle, negotiating, connected…)

    What i’ve been seeing is like sprint is flipping a switch where it just drops from good power to 0 for a few seconds and then I see it come back on and it starts negotiation phase all over again. It’s acting like the gear at the tower is turning off so it tries to negotiate with another tower, then the closer tower turns back on, over-rides the other signal and forces renegotiation again. Meanwhile nothing can be used.

    It seems to do this for a while then it stops. Eventually it’ll hold signal long enough to move the small amount of data I’m trying to move. Today it only did it for a few minutes. Yesterday was hours.

    ed: i just checked it again, for grins, and its working perfectly again. I’ll see if it starts doing this again tomorrow.



    interesting info. . .thanks.

    Is the 4G WiMax network still up and running? Is it interrupted when they are working on the towers? I have a MiFi 4082 Hot Spot that will only connect to 3G even in an area that shows 4G available with 4bars.



    WiMax should still be running if you have a device old enough to use it, Sprint said it would remain on through 2015. When I was still on Sprint I held out as long as I could on a WiMax phone, since upgrading to a newer LTE phone would have meant paying the LTE addon charge, but only being able to use 3G in Columbus (at the time).



    So who is a reliable (and affordable for college students) provider for cell and 4G service? I had terrible reception with T-Mobile the first year I moved here, not because the area wasn’t covered, but because it seemed to be the building I was living in. I’ve heard their signal isn’t strong enough to get through certain walls/obstacles. I have the same problem back in southwestern Pennsylvania, in my hometown outside Pittsburgh. My girlfriend has had the same problem at work. I live in a different building now and the service is fine, but because of these issues, I’m switching once my contract is up.

    I’ve heard Sprint and Virgin are good alternatives, but based on this thread, that would not seem to be the case.



    You really don’t want to switch to Sprint right now living in Columbus.

    I’m pretty happy with T-Mobile for where I am. If you want perfect signal everywhere, you’re going to have to go with Verizon.. Unfortunately they’re not the cheap solution, but T-Mobile’s disruptions are getting them and ATT to lower prices a bit lately from what I hear.



    One of the Verizon or AT&T MVNOs would be a good bet (Page Plus, Straight Talk, etc). You can BYOD, no contracts, and the prices are much cheaper than directly signing up with either carrier.



    Looks like Sprint may buy T-Mobile. Not sure how that would affect the network here. But I thought the note about net neutrality was interesting:

    Sprint, T-Mobile Move Closer to $32 Billion Deal

    ..recent developments at the FCC—including a contentious debate over so-called net neutrality and new spectrum-auction rules that aren’t as friendly to smaller carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile—have created an opening to move quickly…



    Looks like the network is finally showing signs of life inside the outer belt. I’ve been getting 4LTE in northern Clintonville and parts of downtown regularly, for several days now.



    Activated my new galaxy S5, connected to the LTE network in hilliard near 70.



    Wonder if the delay in the LTE network is due to the possibiliy of Sprint Spark being rolled out at the same time?

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