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    Chris Sunami
    Chris Sunami

    I enjoyed it. Maybe I’m just starved for entertainment, but I thought it was a pretty good episode –relative to SNL standards.

    I’ll add my vote to the Bring Back Michaela camp. I don’t like Bobby Moynihan, Abby Elliot is more pretty than funny and the new girl just plain sucked –in addition to not being able to handle live TV. I haven’t enjoyed Weekend Update since the Tina Fey/Jimmy Fallon teamup, but I think it could be funny again if they got someone other than Seth to do it.

    As far as U2, I think it’s amazing that they’re still producing new sounds and still hitting the charts. They weren’t new back when I first discovered them in the early 90’s. Who else from that era is still relevant?

    EDIT: And it’s true — Andy Samberg’s shorts are keeping the show afloat. Everything funny last season was either a Palin skit or a Digital Short


    Analogue Kid

    I frequently watch the show but I missed most of it. What I did see was not impressive at all, particularly the airplane sketch.

    The only part of the show I consistently enjoy is Weekend Update. It’s funny that people think it should go away when it really was the original news spoof, way before the Daily Show et al. I always laugh at Jean K. Jean (Zut da lour!) having learned French, and I love Kristin Wiig as Judy GrimesjustkiddingIreallyhateherjustkidding IjustsaidthatbecauseIkneweverybodyherehatesherjustkidding she’sthebesttravelexpertwhengoingtotheMoonjustkidding LaurenceWelkiswaybetterjustkidding WalkerEvanslivestheresomaybeI’llaskhimjustkidding Walkerismyfriendandheneverliesjustkidding heliedoncebutIwasn’ttherejustkidding we’renotreallyfriendsweworktogetherjustkidding Iworkbymyselfjustkidding Iworkoutbymyselfjustkidding Idon’tworkoutcauseIwaskickedoutofmygymjustkidding itclosedjustkidding



    I end up watching mostly on Hulu. I agree on Bobby Moynihan – not funny – really amateurish, really. I actually liked Casey Wilson, though she was a frequent overactor. I think they should just give the whole show to Jason Sudeikis and Kristin Wiig. The rest of the cast is pretty expendible.


    I end up watching mostly on Hulu. I agree on Bobby Moynihan – not funny – really amateurish, really.

    The funny part is that Bobby Moynihan is/was really well-known in NY comedy circles because he is a really, really funny guy and a brilliant improviser. Just goes to show that SNL doesn’t always use people correctly.


    I have thought for a while that what they should really do is make the show a lot more encompassing of different types of comedy. They should have a stand-up comedian on every once in a while, maybe do some improv, have more video sketches (which they thankfully have been doing now). I wouldn’t be a bit bothered if they did away with the music guest. And honestly, a lot of the hosts they have are dead weight. It doesn’t make a ton of sense to have people that aren’t really funny come on and be in every single segment of a comedy show.

    But beyond my pie-in-the-sky ideas about changes they could make that they never will, there is one thing they should do to add variety – stop making every sketch a TV show parody. It seems like every other thing they do is a talk show sketch with some lame characters (Biker Girls, Cougar’s Den, etc.) or a parody of The View or Oprah or Lawrence Welk or some other show on TV. On top of that they do a bunch of commercial parodies. Why not more sketches that just take place in normal settings – work, parties, people’s homes, etc.



    colinpperkins wrote >> It seems like every other thing they do is a talk show sketch with some lame characters (Biker Girls, Cougar’s Den, etc.) or a parody of The View or Oprah or Lawrence Welk or some other show on TV.

    That Lawrence Welk parody was the single funniest TV moment of last year. And I don’t think the world was suffering from too many Lawrence Welk parodies at the time.


    That Lawrence Welk parody was the single funniest TV moment of last year. And I don’t think the world was suffering from too many Lawrence Welk parodies at the time.

    Let’s not get crazy. I don’t know about the single funniest TV moment. Maybe funniest moment on SNL.

    But, my point is larger than that. Go back and count up how many TV-based sketches they do and it will be more than 50% of most shows.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    I enjoyed that Lawrence Welk bit, and have to give them props for parodying a show that most of their audience has probably never seen. But I agree with what Colin is saying… most of the faux-talk-show stuff is pretty weak.



    As for the F-Bomb dropped, Jenny Slate is not being fired for her slip: http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2009/09/snl-won%E2%80%99t-fire-new-cast-member-jenny-slate-dropping-f-bomb

    It helps that she did it at 12:40am. Charles Rocket let his fly during Weekend Update, if memory serves, which everyone watches before giving up and passing out. I watched the sketch in question and was too sleepy to notice. Too busy wanting to slap the person who wrote it thinking it was funny.



    Church Lady and The Ladies Man are two of the best reoccurring segments SNL has come up with. I hate all of the faux talk shows they are doing currently, but it’s a format they have had some real success with in the past so I wouldn’t suggest abandoning it. That said, I cannot believe how bad that biker chick chat was and how unfunny Jenny Slate is. They should have been thrilled to have an excuse to give her the boot.



    I think it’s interesting to note the differences between old SNL and current SNL.

    Original SNL was ALL about parodying politics and current issues. Its hosts were mega-star actors, political figures and sports heroes. They pushed the envelope and pushed buttons. Weekend Update was political satire at its best and they truly treated it as a “news” segment. Their musical guests were bands who were right on the cusp of breaking out. And if they had already broken out, they were huge.

    Current SNL seems to do only a little bit of politics (save for last year’s elections), but most of the parodies are about pop culture, including Weekend Update (which seems to last for-ev-er). They still have a few big stars who host, but hosting has lost its luster – especially when you see them trouncing out Megan Fox and Shia LeBeouf (twice!?). Seems they’re just nabbing a host who has a movie or TV show coming out. Their musical guests are only there to draw a crowd and do their latest single, rather than expose a new band or singer that’s on the verge of breaking out.

    I suppose in the end, though, that SNL is doing what it’s always done – appeal to the next generation of younger 20-year-old males who didn’t grow up on the “old” stuff and the “old” casts.

    For the older folk, it might be that when they were young, watching SNL was one of those things they weren’t allowed to do because they were supposed to be in bed. Watching SNL against mommy and daddy’s rules made it even funnier – to see and watch “taboo”, adult humor. Now that they’re grown up and it isn’t “cool” anymore to sneak downstairs and watch television, it’s just not as fun and/or funny.

    Chris Sunami
    Chris Sunami

    I’m not saying Jenny S couldn’t improve, but it’s an inauspicious beginning. As far as Colin’s point, I think it’s that we’ve all seen SNL pull some carbon copy variation of “Hi I’m ____ and with me as always is _____” far too many times.

    Wayne’s World
    Coffee Talk
    the Fallon/Sans stoner show
    Biker Chick Chat
    The Cougar Show
    Goth Chat
    Deep House Dish
    The (Poehler/Rudolph) Brooklyn talk show
    The middle school talk show (Molly Shannon, Jimmy Fallon?)

    That’s just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

    That said, I loved the Barry Gibb talk show.



    Goth Talk was pretty incredible, really.


    joev wrote >>
    Goth Talk was pretty incredible, really.

    I was just about to say that… Goth chat was awesome. They should bring it into the year 2009 and do hipster bike riding chat. /duck


    The Zimmermans
    Leonard Pinth-Garnell
    Leon Phelps, the Ladies Man
    Delicious Dish
    Morning Latte
    The How Do You Say? Ah Yes, Show
    Uncle Jemima
    Jarret’s Room
    Wake Up Wakefield!
    America Undercover
    The Ferey Muhtar Talk Show
    Top O’ the Morning
    Two A-Holes
    Spy Glass
    ¡Show Biz Grande Explosion!
    Deep House Dish
    The Dakota Fanning Show
    Vincent Price Holiday Specials
    La Revista Di La Television Con Vinny Vedecci

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