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Sky Horse Bus - CBus to NYC Bus Service

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    DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE! We just used it to go to NYC on Jan 5, 2012. Our experience was terrible. It was a very shady experience and we were concerned for our safety on a number of occasions. It is true though, we paid $60 for roundtrip tickets and the bus made it to NYC in 9 hours. we did not take our return trip back to Columbus, we flew back instead. Here was our experience:

    1. The bus was in horrible shape and smelled like a dirty bathroom. There was also some sticky substance all over the floor, which got all over our shoes and carry-on bag. The seats were uncomfortable and very hard to sleep in. The bus looks nothing like the picture they have on their website.

    2. The bus stopped 5 times on our way there, with no explanation of why:
    a. the bus stopped after a few blocks from the loading point to pick up someone who was apparently chasing the bus. the bus driver just let him on without checking for a ticket or his ID. This guy sat right behind us, and got up to use the bathroom every 5 minutes, for what we believe to use drugs. he was very shady and even asked us (after 6 hours into the trip) if this was the bus to NYC. it was very shady.
    b. the 2nd stop was just outside of columbus at a gas station for no apparent reason. Again, nothing was said to the passengers from the bus driver.
    c. The 3rd stop was a scheduled stop in WV to pick up additional passengers. The bus actually starts in Cincinnati, makes a stop in Dayton at another bus stop, then Columbus, then WV.
    d. The 4th stop was at a very dark and rundown hotel off the highway somewhere. we pulled around to the back of the hotel and sat there for about 15 min. again, the bus driver didn’t say anything to us and everyone was looking around to each other to see if anyone knew what was going on. I actually got a little scared.
    e. the final stop was a scheduled stop to refuel.

    3. as mentioned in one of the other posts, the bus did travel at very high speeds, which is the only way to get to NYC in 9 hours! at one point a semi truck was honking his horn and flashing his lights at the bus.

    4. when we arrived in Chinatown, the bus driving jumped off and started to unload our bags onto the sidewalk before anyone was able to get off the bus. a group of pedestrians on the street started to huddle around our bags. luckily we got to them before anything happened. we took off for the subway and never looked back.

    Ultimately, i guess we got what we paid for. I normally don’t leave reviews, but since our safety was compromised, i felt like i needed to let our experience be known. i would NOT recommend this trip for anyone.


    Elizabeth Lessner

    A similar bus takes folks from Chinatown in Philly to Chinatown in NYC, Boston and Baltimore. Same type of experience but only $10 each way. Rumors are that they are mob-run and are used primarily to transport drugs and smuggle people. There was a big bust back in 2008 on the bus that went from NYC to Boston: http://blogs.wsj.com/metropolis/2010/04/20/chinatown-gang-extorts-chinatown-bus/



    This sounds similar to Fun Bus. Has anyone taken Fun Bus anywhere? I have been considering taking their Gatlinburg TN trip.



    Thanks for posting the review and mob connection info. I was planning on taking this but now my eyes are more open.


    Elizabeth Lessner

    I took it from Philly to NYC to Boston once, definitely some sketchy and unexpected stops along the way. It was definitely weird.



    So disappointing. I keep wishing and hoping that Megabus will expand its routes out of Columbus all the way to the east coast or would at least have a decent transfer hub in Pittsburgh.



    Bummed to hear the review from BT as I was looking to book in the near future. I have a friend who uses it often who hasn’t encountered those issues though? I may still try it out this winter and report back my findings.

    Appears Coach88 does a similar overnight service at the same rate. Boarding @ S 4th, and arriving closer to little Italy.




    Sounds like a front for across state line smuggling of some sort.

    That actually wouldn’t bother me as much as the speed and safety issue, which is the number 1 reason I don’t ever take a bus.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    melikecheese said:
    That actually wouldn’t bother me as much as the speed and safety issue, which is the number 1 reason I don’t ever take a bus.

    You don’t take *any* bus because of safety issues?




    I’ve been taking this bus or its competitor, Bus2NYC, almost weekly for a few months. By far most of my experiences have been good. Some of the concerns expressed previously are valid. I have made it from NYC to Columbus in 8.5 hours. That is pretty absurd, which means that bus is killing it out there on the highway. The speed doesn’t worry me that much as long as the weather is decent. Driving through the night means there isn’t much traffic on the road, although the traffic that is there tends to be commercial vehicles. One of the times I got really anxious was when we were passing some trucks while it was snowy out.

    My policy is not to use the toilet unless it’s an emergency. There is always a 15 minute rest stop break where you can use some decent facilities. I normally sit close to the toilet and have never had an issue with the smell. The story might be different in the summer when it’s hot.

    The most stops I have counted from NYC to Columbus has been 4. Two stops they always make are a rest stop in PA on the turnpike for gas and a 15 min break. The other is a short break which i believe they use to switch drivers. They have dropped off a rider just outside of columbus before and in wheeling, wv, but sometimes it is just the two stops. I have never experienced the drivers picking up random people. A couple of the drops have struck me as a little strange since it was not the destination, but I don’t think it’s anything shady.

    The drivers have all seemed reasonable. One driver got into it with a rider because the driver told him to put his shoes on. His feet were pretty heinous smelling. They normally turn the light off as soon as we leave NYC and I have never been bothered by a driver on a phone or talking. This may be because I sit toward the back.

    The other passengers are a mix. Sometimes you get someone chatting away to someone else or on the phone, or someone playing a game with the sound on, but everyone has been pretty respectful, the trip with 30+ teenage Hasidic boys on a field trip not withstanding.

    It is a Chinatown bus, so everyone will have different experiences and different tolerances for what they can handle in terms of comfort.



    Sorry if I’m breaking some reviving an old thread rule… but I didn’t want to start a new thread where the topic was already up for discussion.

    Has anyone rode *any* of the “Chinatown bus” lines from here to NYC recently? I’m toggling between the Bus2NYC or just taking the Greyhound. I don’t really think that the buses need to floor it to get to NYC in under 10 hours… I’ve driven there in 8-9 hours myself – going the speed limit. I think the reason that the Greyhounds take so long is that they make stops every other hour (going off of their itinerary).

    I’m just wondering if anyone has taken this type of bus system recently because all the reviews I’ve read were from years ago. Thanks for any input!

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