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    Has anyone seen this show on TLC? What are your thoughts?

    On the surface, I wanted to feel sad for everyone involved. I couldn’t imagine my own self esteem being so low that I would consider it a good idea to allow my spouse to marry several other people. I truly feel sad for those women. But I also feel bad for the husband. All that estrogen in one house…and willingly??!!?? Pass! Holy cow, I’d rather have a root canal without anesthesia than to even consider living with that many women.

    As I started to think about it, the idea of their lives being investigated started to seem more and more absurd. Maybe part of me just wants to be argumentative. Maybe part of me dislikes the government meddling in peoples personal lives….and spending tax money to do it. Maybe my second problem wouldn’t exist if this weren’t a common, even accepted part of every day life.

    Think about it. People have multiple sex partners all the time. If one partner in the relationship doesn’t know about it or doesn’t agree with it, we call it cheating and do nothing more than roll our eyes and maybe mutter “pig” under our breath. Nobody thinks twice about it, it’s just “one of those things” that happens. But when the spouse says “let’s be one big happy family”, suddenly it’s worthy of a television show and an investigation?

    I don’t get why everyone cares what these people do. Sure, I understand it’s against the law. Then, why isn’t cheating against the law? And where do we draw the line?

    So, the question is….how do you feel??



    Don’t think too hard about this show, it’ll rot your brain.



    Good advice :)



    My only issues with polygamy is that it’s practiced exclusive of polyandry, thus the problem.



    I don’t see too much wrong with a guy having a whole house full of women. If the women are happy and the man is happy good. Same goes for women should she want 5 husbands so be it. As long as everyone is willing and happy fuck it.



    Yeah, I don’t think polygamy (or polyandry, if and where it ever occurs) is necessarily a bad arrangement.

    Unfortunately it so often seems to be linked with coercion, exploitation or abuse of underaged girls.

    (That said, I’ve never seen the show in question, and got nothing to contribute on that.)



    TaraK wrote >>
    My only issues with polygamy is that it’s practiced exclusive of polyandry, thus the problem.

    No sane woman would put up with more than one husband

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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