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Short North transportation survey

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    The Department of City and Regional Planning at the Ohio State University is conducting a study to assess current transportation conditions and the future needs of residents, business owners, and visitors of the Short North. One component of this study is a survey to gain valuable insight from each of these groups. Your input is integral to this study, and the results of this survey will help guide the final recommendations presented to the City of Columbus. In order to get the most detailed possible feedback, we have provided a survey for each user group. To take the appropriate survey, please click on one of the links below:


    Business owner


    We appreciate your time and value your feedback. Thank you!



    Thanks to all for the help so far. Feel free to send me a message with any additional comments or questions. Thanks!



    Will there be a public meeting for this study?



    I took the survey, both as a SN resident and business owner. I found many of the questions challenging to answer because creating parking strategies depends on how we want to move forward on High Street and other highly traveled/visited areas. If you are fond of the “walkable city” credo, as I am, then wishing to avoid induced demand we probably should only invest in things like more bike lanes/parking, enhanced pedestrian infrastructure, probably enhanced public transportation (e.g. a streetcar or bus shuttles), and the like. By going in this direction, we would minimize increased auto traffic and discourage more cars from coming here.

    However, even though the SN is more walkable than many other areas of the city for those who live here, in order to thrive our neighborhood still needs to attract outside visitors. Many of those vistors have to or would prefer to drive here to visit. So you have to create space for their vehicles. The Hub’s new parking garage, while sorely needed, seems to really overwhelm the setting it now occupies. It might be nice to avoid building more of these garages along High Street. Perhaps if more garages are needed, we can site them at more remote locations (say near the State Library, along the rail lines for example) and run shuttle buses to/from High St and other key places from there.

    It seemed that one possible objective of the survey is to determine who should have priority in new parking policy, strategy, and development: 1) residents, 2) businessess or 3) visitors. I was in a hurry when I took the survey but have since concluded that all three of these groups are extremely important and the best strategy and new development would ideally accomodate all of them, but perhaps that’s obvious.



    @irwinrich3: We do plan to have a public meeting. There is an option on the survey to leave your email address so we can update people once we have a date/time/location. I will also post here for people who did not wish to leave their email address.

    @goldenidea: I/we completely agree about finding a balance between the user groups. That question was put in there not so much to prioritize the user groups, but rather to get a read on the perceptions of each group. If it’s OK, I’d like to include an excerpt of your above comments when I do a write-up of the survey responses. Thanks!



    So Weinland Park isn’t in the Short North as far as the survey is concerned? At least from the initial questions. What are the boundaries?



    @etpla – You welcome to use any/all of my comment in your write-up. While I thought of sending that to you direcly, I figured it might be useful to post something here in part to lauch some discussion, as this thread had been fairly quiet up until now. Cheers.



    @rory: Weinland Park was not in our original study area due to the recent Weinland Park Community Mobility Plan (2011 I believe). Our focus has been primarily High Street/Italian Village, but for the purposes of the survey we also included residents from the other the nearby neighborhoods listed in the response options. Given the proximity of Weinland Park to the study area, we would be happy to hear your responses as a resident.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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