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    I Completely agree- in only the past couple years have I noticed this at the meters near campus as well as the near north side- people are challenged as to proper parallel parking etiquette. How did people get the idea that the manner in which you park in a spot is to line up the passenger door with the meter? -thereby taking up 2 parking places-often times creating a domino effect in dumbness with each succeeding person parking their vehicle that way-
    Do we need to go back to the olden days -when parallel parking was part of the road test -when getting a license instead of manuevers portion?


    Anyone else noticing that many of the new meters’ “add time” buttons are unresponsive? I’ve had this issue several times recently which means I either can’t add enough time or need to swipe my card for each twenty minute increment and wait for it to process. Maybe they aren’t as weather proof as was hoped.

    I had that problem at a meter near COSI a few months ago. Very frustrating.

Viewing 2 posts - 61 through 62 (of 62 total)

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