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Selling OSU Tickets this late?

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    I have two tickets to the OSU vs Buffalo game tomorrow at noon. My wife has come down with a fever and she can’t go. Can’t find anyone else to go with me, so I am thinking about selling the tickets. I KNOW I wont get face value from the tickets. Any advice on selling tickets this late? Should I just sell them to scalpers for like $25 each? I’m thinking of working the tail gate crowds, selling them at $50/each. (original $79 each).

    I’ve never sold tickets before, but its not too fun going by your self to a OSU game.



    Scalpers will try to low ball you severely, especially the closer it gets to kickoff. They will probably try to give you $20/pair, saying “Oh man, it is really tough out here today.” You may have more luck with tailgaters but I would try the Hineygate crowd as opposed to the parking pass lots, as most of those people already have tickets.

    Honestly your best bet may be to go the game by yourself & try to sell a single for cheap. At least then you won’t feel like you took a total bath on the tickets.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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