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Seeking questions on City Annexation / Pay as We Grow

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    that’s where they are. unconstitutionally closing bars and kicking immigrant/mom & pop business owners out of their property for over a decade now.

    i say the less they influence development the better.



    Good point.

    Another question regarding sprawl within the land the city has annexed: why is there “NO ADEQUATE AREA” for tiny bike racks at any of the establishments I requested when they certainly have more than adequate parking for dozens of cars, with said parking mandated by the city? How is it possible that at places like Wing’s on E Main, any number of businesses on W 5th, and Paul’s on E Broad (where a cyclist employee was killed in a hit and run) don’t have “adequate” room for bike racks and what is the city doing to change that?


    El Stonio

    I walk and drive around Columbus alot. We need to grow from the inside, strengthen what we have, make Columbus the attractive center/downtown of all that surrounds it. We don’t even have sidewalks where heavy pedestrian traffic exists. (lane under 315, behind the convention center) As far as annexation goes, PLEASE don’t forget functioning green pathways. Places that are natural, walkable/bikable and as unproduced as possible. Ever been to the bike and hike path that goes from Kent to Cleveland? Wonderful mixed use of a wide grass patch. Geographical breathing spaces are necessary.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Just in case anyone missed it, the interview is here:

    Columbus Sprawl Slows Down and Gets Smarter

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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