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The Market in Italian Village

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    Second-hand porn. Is pun intended?



    mrsgeedeck said:
    It was ok in a pinch if you ran out of mixers during a party, but I’d rather spend the extra few minutes going to the Beer Barn.

    As a resident of the Beer Barn’s neighborhood, I wish you’d spend another 90 seconds and go to Kroger instead. There is no financial reason (as leftovers pointed out above) why the Beer Barn should continue to look like the ramshackle, trash-strewn, graffiti-covered, weedy & overgrown mess that it does. The owners just flat-out don’t care – and it’s not like you get a discounted beer price to compensate.

    The Saveway used to be my corner store, too. I don’t know if it changed after I moved, but at that time, their beer never had prices on it. Once or twice I fell for it and paid whatever premium price they improvised for me at the register (whatever the market will bear, right?), but thereafter I’d just say I only had $5 and threaten to walk out, which always worked. The shady economy can be your friend.



    Until there is a decent convenience store in the area that doesn’t look like a run down post-apocalyptic crack house, I’ll take my beer buying business to Gentile’s and my house(homebrew).



    OK, so this place is officially dead. Can’t say I’m that upset about it. I say tear it down and build something like this: http://goo.gl/maps/VfqIr

    Anybody up for the challenge? ;D



    Good news, I hope it trickles down to their other place the S&K on 5th. I have seen the cops searching cars in the parking lot several times in the last few weeks. Would love to see more of these carryouts cleaned up.



    I live within visual distance of both Sketch-Mart I and Sketch-Mart II. I really hope they clean both of these places up. What an eye sore. You wouldn’t catch me going in either one without my concealed weapon. These tenants of our neighborhood need to take some pride.



    So the Saveway on Summit and 3rd is being completely emptied today. They’re pulling out boxes, freezers, cabinets, etc.

    Anyone know who bought it and what the plan is? Hopefully they don’t half-ass it. I would love to see the place completely redone!



    the people cleaning it out are apparently the actual owners of the building who were finally able to evict the proprietors of the Saveway. anyone with claims to property are getting it today (i.e. the ice machines were carted off). the promised all leftover crud will be gone by Saturday morning. they want to have new occupancy in the New Year, but they didn’t seem to indicate that had anything/one lined up.




    Rumors are they will be offering: growlers, wine, deli, take and bake pizza, patio.

    So. Damn. Excited.



    That’s one hell of an improvement

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Very much a nice update. Working on tracking down more details. ;)

    Liner Notes
    Liner Notes

    Congrats, Italian Village!



    The property housing S&K Market at 5th & Summit is in the process of being sold. Hopefully that space will also transform into another positive neighborhood asset in Italian Village.



    Incredibly excited about this. Think it’s a great addition to the neighborhood! With the addition of Seventh Son and North High Brewery it’s nice to see some gentrification of Weinland Park/Italian Village.


    [email protected]

    Great news!! I hope they follow through with this. It will make a great addition to the neighborhood and summit street.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 71 total)

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