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Santacon / Santarchy

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    Santarchy (also known as SantaCon) is a world-wide event. Flash mobs of people dressed as Santas roam the streets for an evening of fun, silliness and drinking. Join hundreds of other Columbus locals as we sing humorous and sometimes naughty Christmas Carols. Have a drink with us. Wish everyone else a Merry Christmas and just have a general good time.

    We do not condone or encourage any kind of vandalism or violence at a Santacon event. Our Santas do not destroy property, steal merchandise or do harm to others.

    Santarchy is not a movement, that’s what you do in the bathroom. In addition to that, the annual Santacon events are not a protest against Christmas or commercialization. Really, it’s just a bunch of Santas getting together to have a good time.

    We will be roaming the general area of the Arena District and The Cap. Exact meeting locations will be announced shortly so RSVP to stay updated on all announcements.

    SantaConSantarchy is a free event. There are no tickets, no promoters/sponsors. This is an open event to all of Columbus to celebrate the holidays in a fun and unique fashion. Just show up at the appropriate time/location. There is no official route and there is no one in charge. Just go with the flow….

    Please forward/invite your all your friends to this event, even if you yourself cannot make it out

    ATTIRE: Full Santa attire is required (hat, jacket, leggings/pants)

    Meeting location and additional details will be announced soon. Stay up to date with announcements on the Facebook Event Page




    wait, how did I miss this? are there any updates?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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