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Safety Near Clark Pl, High St, Short North?

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    Hey everyone,

    I am an OSU student who is thinking about moving in with one of my friends to a condo located on Clark Place near high street. This seems to be a very nice area where there are tons of stores\restaurants at a convenient walking distance. This all sounds great but is this a safe area to move into? One person I’ve talked to said that it’s not, another said that its perfectly fine. I’ve driven around and the houses in this area actually look a little bit upscale to me. This is right near the Dennison Place neighborhood as well. Anyone know anything about the Clark place area? Is it safe to move into?

    Thanks everyone!!!


    Its as safe as any urban neighborhood, there will be people out late, panhandlers, car break ins occasionally, etc….but nothing serious.



    I lived on Clark Place for for a couple years & in the neighborhood for about 4 total.

    Occasionally, someone would get jumped walking home from a bar or a student would get held up & their laptop, etc stolen. But that kind of stuff can & does happen everywhere. Someone got stabbed a few blocks away once. But that’s all I remember.

    There were more far car & home/apartment break-ins when I lived in German Village.



    I have a good friend who has lived in the single family home on Clark Place just off of High St. for about 10 years, and I ride my bike by this intersection every day on my way to and from work- I live between High and Summit right off 3rd. so I am quite familiar with living in an urban area- but there are a few things to take into consideration before you decide to move to this area.

    1. The large brick building on the southwest corner of Clark and High is a public service agency that works with people with mental and addiction issues. Consequently, there is a lot of loitering and drama around this building and at the bus stop out front.

    2. The gentrification of the Short North has forced a lot of the indigent population north, and the alley that runs behind this building is a gathering place for the homeless to hang out, drink and use as a bathroom. My friend has a gorgeous home, with a beautiful back yard and four car garage, but she constantly finds folks using her dumpster as a bathroom, place to have sex, etc. Her garage has been broken into more times than we can count. She has tried to sell her house several times, and even in this hot market she can’t find a buyer because there is invariably some kind of craziness going on in her alley when people come to look at the house (i.e. in broad daylight).

    3. Both bus stops at Clark and High seem to be flash points for a lot of drama. I regularly see the cops here during the day, and have seen fights, excessive drunkenness, and yesterday the medics were there tending to someone who appeared to be OD’ing.

    There are lots of cool places to live around campus, and any time you live in an urban area you need to be careful, be thoughtful and be safe. The same is true of this area, and I would advise you to stay as far from High St. as possible (i.e.- if you are looking at the condos that are located on the northwest corner of Clark and High, I might look elsewhere!)

    Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson

    I lived in those condos on Clark Pl in the last unit right at High, and didn’t have a single problem. Don’t walk alone really late at night, don’t leave a bunch of stuff visible in your car overnight, and you’ll be fine. Basic city livin’ rules. I also lived there before the nice Kroger remodel, before N High Brewing, and before those other condos around N High went up. It was easy peasy.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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