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Safest and best path to walk across Columbus?

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    Hello everyone! This is my first post on CU. I’ve been living in and around Columbus for almost 8 years now, and while I’ve driven to just about every corner of the city, I’m still not as familiar with the city as I want to be.

    I’ve decided that I’m going to walk across the city, from New Albany to Grove City. I live in New Albany, so the starting point is fixed, but honestly, the destination doesn’t really matter much.

    I’d like to walk a path that is interesting and/or pretty to look at (I know the two may be at odds at time).

    Herein lies my dilemma: I’m not familiar enough with the city to route a path that will be safe for a wandering traveler, while still being interesting. And by interesting, I mean not walking down major thoroughfares for the entirety of the walk.

    I believe the walk will take between seven and eight hours, with a ride home from a friend, so I won’t be walking after dark.

    With it’s “walking directions,” Google maps is a great tool that I’ve been using, but it doesn’t tell me anything about areas.

    Would anyone here be willing to offer suggestions on a route and/or areas that I should avoid?

    Any ideas?


    This path would get you there and in fact you would go right by my house which I think is a great street!
    I might take a slight detour to go by the Main Library as that is cool if you havent been there.
    The Cassady stretch is nasty but you will be fine during the day and it is a short jaunt through the edge of yuck.
    Or you could just keep on Cassady and do some of Bexley and the big houses there especially when you go right on Broad street,
    All in all looks like a safe route.

    1. Head north on S High St toward E Dublin Granville Rd
    102 ft
    2. Turn left at E Dublin Granville Rd
    443 ft
    3. Turn left at W Main St
    0.3 mi
    4. Continue onto E Johnstown Rd/US-62 W
    2.1 mi
    5. Slight left at E Johnstown Rd/US-62 E
    0.2 mi
    6. At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit onto E Johnstown Rd/US-62 W
    Continue to follow US-62 W

    3.4 mi
    7. Turn right at Granville St
    0.2 mi
    8. Slight left at US-62 E
    75 ft
    9. Turn left at Olde Ridenour Rd
    318 ft
    10. Turn right at W Johnstown Rd
    2.9 mi
    11. Turn left at N Cassady Ave
    0.7 mi
    12. Turn right at E 5th Ave
    0.5 mi
    13. Turn left at N Nelson Rd
    1.3 mi
    14. Turn right at E Broad St
    1.3 mi
    15. Turn left at Hoffman Ave
    210 ft
    16. Turn right at E Capital St
    0.2 mi
    17. Continue straight to stay on E Capital St
    0.2 mi
    18. Turn left at Parsons Ave
    0.4 mi
    19. Turn right at E Main St
    1.4 mi
    20. Slight left at W Rich St
    0.3 mi
    21. Turn left at S Gift St
    489 ft
    22. S Gift St turns right and becomes Sullivant Ave
    0.4 mi
    23. Turn left at S Souder Ave
    0.3 mi
    24. Turn right at W Mound St
    0.8 mi
    25. Turn left at Harrisburg Pike/OH-3 S/US-62 W
    5.4 mi
    26. Turn left at Park St
    279 ft
    27. Turn right at 1st St
    112 ft


    Elizabeth Lessner

    This is cool! Hope you’ll take photos along the way and post them back here, might inspire others to try it!


    Alex Silbajoris

    For safest and best, I would recommend the network of bike trails, but it sounds like you want to see the city.

    I like urban walking, you notice things that you’d miss in a car.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    pbarney wrote >>
    I’ve decided that I’m going to walk across the city, from New Albany to Grove City.

    Awesome! I’ll let others provide path information, but would generally recommend sticking to the busier streets that will take you through the most visually interesting areas.



    Honestly, I’ll be fascinated if you can get from New Albany to Grove City (or other destinations) via sidewalk, and without having to walk on a highway. Cool idea…good luck. If it goes well (or not) you should try and get the Dispatch to do a feature on it.



    Lizless, I will definitely take pictures. My hope is to actually do a micro-blogging thing throughout the day, posting interesting points along with pictures.

    Alexs, I’m not sure there are enough bike trails to take me all the way. Do you have any insight on this?

    Jed, the lack of sideways is a real concern. Johnstown Road comes to mind. I’m sure that I’m going to be surprised about how pedestrian unfriendly a modern city can be. I personally don’t mind going off-track, but I’m sure landowners won’t appreciate me cutting through their lots.

    I’m pretty unfamiliar with everything between Goodale Park and Grove City, so I have no clue there. How is the area around Cooper Stadium?




    You should write up a press release and send it to the major media outlets to let them know what you are doing. Local television news stations would be thrilled to cover such a thing. Good luck.


    Alex Silbajoris

    Here’s an overview map of the major bike trails, you can click to zoom:


    They might be most useful in squeezing past freeways like the 670 link. But if you want a wide-ranging sample of what it’s like to get around in this town, then some green-corridor representation is due as part of the mix.

    Maybe as a point of formality you should make sure to pass through the corner of Broad & High. You could cross the river on Broad then easily punch south toward Grove City.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    I think if you can settle on a map in advance it probably wouldn’t be too hard to find folks to join you for bits of the trip, which would help with safety. :D


    Alex Silbajoris

    Walker wrote >>
    I think if you can settle on a map in advance it probably wouldn’t be too hard to find folks to join you for bits of the trip, which would help with safety. :D

    I didn’t mean PUNCH south…


    I have pics of neighborhoods in between your destinations. Even in rougher neighborhoods, if you traverse them, you should be fine during the day. I would try to work Bexley, Bryden Rd in OTE, and German Village into your walk. Better to spend more time here than to cut through. Good luck and let us now how it goes!




    Alexs, now that’s great advice! It’s exactly the kind of feedback I’m looking for. I’ll do both of those things.

    I’m going to put a link to my current google map at the bottom of this post. Pull it up and see what you all think!

    So far I’m hitting the parks, the urban, the suburban, the greenways, a tiny patch of the National Road. Starting off just behind the New Albany Library and ending in Grove City Park.

    I could definitely use some input on the Near East Side and Franklinton. It would be kind of neat to cut through Greenlawn Cemetery, just for a bit of history. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with Harrisburg Pike. It’s just a long boring straight shot for almost six miles.

    I also decided that I’m also going to round the trip up to 26.2 miles to make in a marathon walk, since I’m so close in mileage anyway, so any thoughts on where to make up an extra 2.5 miles?

    Here’s my map: http://ow.ly/12JOc



    Okay, thanks for the input Columbusite. Here’s my updated map:

    http://ow.ly/12K0a (version 2)

    I’ve added in Franklin Park Conservatory, which allows me to loop down to Bryden Road. I don’t know if I’ve been there before, so I’m definitely interested in why I should go that way?

    If I go through German Village, then I have to cut out Franklinton. Thoughts, anyone?

    Thank you everyone for your help, I love this!

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