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    I saw this business recently on Twitter. Has anyone ordered cookies from Rogue? Am I missing another thread? If anyone has, what did you think?





    I’ve had cookies from Rogue Bakery (due to all the rage on twitter), and they are delicious. The Not-a-snickerdoodles are my favorite. They are sooo scrumptious with salty sweet toffee notes, crunchy raw sugar bits and soft chewyness. I am sad I ate them all from this weekend already.
    A couple of my friends have made me promise to get them more of those “amazing cookies” (and these are people who tend to bake their own cookies).
    I highly recommend trying some yourself.



    I finally tried these and loved them! The ancho peanut butter was really good, complex and interesting. I second the thoughts about the Not-a Snickerdoodle as well. There was not a bad cookie in the bunch and the packaging was clever too. For $15 a dozen, delivered to your door, they are also a good value. I know they are also offering gluten-free cookies but I have not tried those.



    Oh, these cookies are great.

    The Ancho Peanut Butter cookie is not only gluten free, but vegan as well… as is the Chocolate Liberator, which is an awesome crinkle-style cookie, and these can be ordered separately or in halvsies dozens.

    The experimental dozen is always fun – I believe I’ve gotten 14 cookies every time – they are packaged two together, and every pair is different. Some are just good, normal cookie good, others are great.

    I like cookies.



    These are my “diet cheat” – I know they’re bad for me, but about once a month I get a dozen and let myself have one or two a day until the bag is gone. :) I really, really love the “Not a Snickerdoodle!” and I hope the banana-ginger experimental comes back soon…


    Where are they located?

    What are the ingredients?

    What’s the delivery area?

    When (hours) do they deliver?

    Do they deliver same-day or just when they feel like it?

    How long would it have taken to add this important information to their website (which doesn’t work?)



    There is some/ more information on their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/RogueBakery



    drew wrote >>
    There is some/ more information on their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/RogueBakery

    Thanks Drew, I forgot to list that.
    They are also very responsive on Twitter.


    This is the only info on their Facebook page:

    We bake cookies. You buy cookies. We deliver cookies. You eat cookies. Rogue Bakery is a gourmet cookie bakery. We make really good cookies, we bake them fresh, and we deliver them to you in person (or by mail, if you’re super far away).

    I love local, independent businesses and I support them whenever possible. Hard to do that in this case. If you know these guy(s) please suggest they put some salient information on their web page and Facebook page! :)



    The Rogue lives in Clintonville.

    Not sure about the ingredients but they do offer the two certified vegan / gluten free choices.

    They deliver on Saturdays all over the Columbus Metro area – I’ve seen him mention delivering to Bexley, Westerville, Worthington, Campus, Downtown, and I know he comes to Hilliard, because that’s where I am, and he’ll deliver to Cleveland addresses on Fridays. (From talking to him, his family lives in Cleveland and he goes up there to visit and sell some loose cookies at a farmer’s market on Friday mornings, delivers, then returns to C-bus.)

    Occasionally they run mid-week delivery specials for smaller packages of cookies rather than full dozens.

    Honestly, I’m betting the reason he hasn’t added this to the web page is that the twitter / facebook promotions have worked so well – they seem to be driving him quite a bit of business, and he generally works very hard to answer questions directly so he can interact with the customer.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Had some of these cookies for the first time thanks to a holiday gift from Columbus Food Adventures, and I’ve been quite impressed with them. The INAS (I’m Not a Snickerdoodle) is great, as is the one with the cornflakes in it (can’t recall the clever name on that one).

    Would definitely eat again. ;)

    Also, looks like their website has advanced a lot in the past year: http://store.roguebakery.com/



    Treat to Try: Rogue Bakery
    May 31, 2014 7:15 am – Miriam Bowers Abbott

    Rogue Bakery is a bakery without a storefront. People know that. You have to order stuff online, or be at some sort of event to score a Rogue cookie. The bakery is famous for doing crazy stuff: Ranch Cookies, Green Bean Casserole Cookies — things that sound iffy, but turn out to be pretty edible.

    So when you come across a big table of Rogue cookies, packaged, ready to go for impulse buys: that’s a victory, right there.

    READ MORE: http://www.columbusunderground.com/treat-to-try-rogue-bakery-ma1

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