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Rigsby's $10 Lunch Deal

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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Just wanted to give a quick shoutout / mini review to Rigsby’s for their awesome lunch deals. A couple of friends have been recommending that we try it out for awhile, but we finally got around to it on Thursday this past week.

    For $10 you can order a 1/2 pasta or 1/2 certain sandwiches and a cup of their daily soup or a Caesar salad.

    I ordered 1/2 of their Smoked Salmon Club (Red Onion, Avocado, Bacon, Fresh Mayo) and the soup of the day which was a veggie and white bean soup that I can’t recall the actual name of. Both were amazing.

    Anne ordered 1/2 of their Butternut Squash & Candied Pumpkin Ravioli with a Caesar Salad, and said it was equally as tasty.

    You’re also served a basket of their wonderful Eleni-Christina breads, baked fresh every day.

    Everything else on their lunch menu ranges from $7 (for a full salad) to $16 for their Pan Roasted Salmon entress, but most dishes are in the $9-13 range.

    Quality-wise though, I don’t know if you can beat those prices for this nice of a lunch spot. If you’ve got the impression that Rigby’s is only a place to go for fancy “special occasion” dinners then I highly recommend you give their lunch menu a try.

    You can find their menus here: http://www.rigsbyskitchen.com



    It is a hell of a deal… truly an excellent value for the quality.



    Agreed. They do a terrific job, and this special is a favorite.



    It is an awesome deal. One of the best lunch values in the SN.


    I know where I’ll be eating lunch at least one day next week.



    Thanks for the reminder Walker, this is a great deal on fantastic food.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Oh, I forgot to mention… there was a bit of confusion as the dish that Anne wanted to order (the pumpkin ravioli) was on the lunch menu online, but not on the printed menu in the restaurant that day. She asked the server about it, and he said it was a dinner special at the moment, and that they weren’t normally serving it for lunch (must have been some sort of menu mistake somewhere?) but he would check with the kitchen to see if they could accommodate. He came back and said they could serve her a lunch portion of it and even honored the $10 half-and-half special even though it was a special request.

    Awesome service and super accommodating. Totally worth a 30+% tip. ;)



    Just wanted to add that Rigsby’s has an awesome burger for $9 the last time I was there. Comes with great aged cheddar, yummy bun, and handcut fries. Probably the best burger in a sit-down restaurant for the price. when you consider how much you might spend for lunch at chipotle or Panera, I’m surprised they aren’t packed every day for lunch.


    My favorite spot in Columbus!

    The potato gnocchi bolognese is delicious on the lunch deal.

    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    The pumpkin ravioli was amazing.



    ilovethiscity wrote >>
    My favorite spot in Columbus!
    The potato gnocchi bolognese is delicious on the lunch deal.

    Omigod, that is probably my favorite meal in the world and I’ve never had it there. Must find an excuse for a working lunch there…


    Rigsby’s is still one of the finest restaurants in town, IMO. Always a great menu, pricing is totally reasonable (or straight up cheap in this case), nice atmosphere, fun people always, great service.



    I’m virtually impoverished…I only eat Rigsby’s at lunch.



    I, too, recently enjoyed the Smoked Salmon Club for lunch. It was delicious. So good, in fact, that I refused to share!


    who wants to go on a date?

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